Tuesday 7 January 2014

Shopping the Sales: Part 2: Schuh

Now I have a solid reason for always needing more shoes, totally truthful but I know when I come out with it that it's only one half the reason, the other half is I love shoes. I don't wear leather I wear PU leather but not actual leather. Now I find it hard to find quality PU shoes that aren't too expensive, I like variety in my wardrobe along with quality but I don't like spending too much. H&M has had some wonderful boots in the past but I've recently been only able to find size 7.5 online with shoes and boots I like so it hasn't been the go to place I once relied on.

New Look have some great non-leather shoes also but Schuh has an amazing selection and it's possible to create a search by material so I don't have to go through the details of each product. This allowed me to quickly purchase of a couple of pairs of shoes in their sale the other week.

Schuh - Stage Dive flats £24.99
Now I've been an avid fan of animal print for the last 13 years, it never truly goes out of style but you have to be careful as it can look cheap. I have pairs of animal print shoes that I like to wear with relatively plain clothes but what I liked about these, apart from the loafer style was that it was just a little bit of print, perfect with black cigarette trousers and a waffle knit jumper.

Rocket Dog - Derry Buckle £24.99
Next up was a bit of a weird buy for me, I realised when they arrived that I had gone back to my teenager years with these chunky buckle shoes. They are super comfy and I love the fact that I feel like I have a practical pair of shoes that isn't totally flat. I've lived in flats for so long and I've started to realise they make me feel like I'm not fully ready. However my heel walking skills is terrible, for some reason I just don't get it. I have one pair of boots that I can walk in, I also feel super confident in them, actually two pairs after I bought a pair of velvet boots from ASOS. I suppose everything takes practise.


  1. Beautiful items! I love sale <3


    1. The best thing about sales is being able to buy more things, I'm useless at being good! xx

  2. These are some great shoes you bought! I like the first pair!

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. They are easier to walk in than they look, those heals! You only have to make sure you don't lean backwards too much ;)

    XO Imke

    -PS: To celebrate the New Year, I'm currently hosting a give-away on my blog. You can win an entire outfit by Rosewholesale! It would be amazing if you could participate! :)

    1. You know I think some shoes look more complicated than they are, I'm rubbish in standard heels but those are some fantastically interesting shoes, I could always sit in them if I got some! xx

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