Sunday 19 January 2014

Shopping the Sales: Part 5: ASOS

Good old (although not that old) ASOS or as I sometimes still mistakenly refer to it, As Seen On Screen, which is what it was known as when I first started shopping with them. A lot has changed since, it is now gargantuan online super store for all your clothing needs. It's almost a one stop shop with their wonderful own brand clothes, numerous brands and marketplace - you can pretty much get whatever you want and I always get myself a lot from there, I should ban myself really.

I actually did two orders from their sale (possibly not all sale items), the first on the 31st and the second on the 1st January, you really can't visit that site without finding something to buy. Now a number of items in the first order were for James, not that he was a happy shopper, like a stroppy teenager being forced to shop with their mum I had to battle through yes or no questions to find a few items for him.

Bourjois Express Eye Make Up Remover 200ml - £5.00 ;  Paul & Joe ASOS Exclusive Creamy Facial Cleansing Foam 110ml & FREE Cat Make Up Bag - £10.00 - sold out!;  Models Own Lip Crayon - Coral Kiss - £5.00;  Carmex Moisture Plus SPF 15 Hydrating Lip Balm in plum - £4.50NIP + FAB Glycolic Fix facial pads - £12.95
Another thing I love about ASOS is being able to pick up the odd beauty it too. Now I was in need of new make-up remover so that was me being sensible. The Paul & Joe creamy facial cleansing foam - I didn't need, nor was a I buying it, really I was after another Paul & Joe make-up bag which you could say I collect. I wanted one for in my handbag to be exact although I'll enjoy using the cleansing foam too it just wasn't my reason for the purchase. The Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix facial pads are new to me, this year I want to sort out my rubbish skin before I have to start worrying about wrinkles. I've been using them for a week and I already love them and have gone on to order a couple of the Glycolic Fix kits direct from Nip + Fab which I might have to feature another time. 

Then two lip products, Carmex moisture plum lip balm with a sheer tint perfect for dry lips in the winter months, I seriously suffer at this time when the rest of the year I don't need to worry. Finally another models own lip crayon in coral kiss - these have to be my favourite lip crayons, they are fabulous quality without being costly, all the colours are stunning and strong.

Now these products were just the extras to what turned out to be two pretty large orders, I won't feature James clothes instead I'll just show what I ordered - you'll have to excuse my messiness!

ASOS Chevron Textured Parka £45.00 
After years of going without a coat I finally decided it was time I bought a new one, especially as it gets very cold where I live. I found the perfect one in Debenhams last year, a few months later I have found yet another perfect one at ASOS but can two coats really considered excessive? I don't think so.

Monki Stripe Long Sleeve Dress - £18.00
I'm sure I could dedicate a whole wardrobe to striped items of clothing I own but I just can't stop. I found this beautiful, casual, slouchy dress by Monki very hard to resist especially at such a very reasonable, none sale price of £18.00.

ASOS Baseball Top in Olive - £12.00
Another none sale item that I just had to get. I love baseball tops, I love the casual shape and I have them in many different colours, some just for wearing around the house and also smarter ones. Now I don't like paying too much for them, you can see some priced in such a silly manner, I have to say £12.00 is my limit for plain ones - amazing patterns, weird colours then I could take it up a bit higher but basic ones? well, £12.00 is my limit. Even then it has to be an amazing colour like this one in olive, well it's described as olive I think it would be best described as olive oil, still a gorgeous colour.

Selected Rikka Long Sleeved Sweat Top in red syrah - £11.50 down from £45.00
Okay I know I have a lot of casual clothes, I like casual, but it doesn't mean sloppy, I just like my comforts. I kind of see myself as sticking to being a bit casual until I lose the rest of the weight I need to, but still I try not to be a mess. One of my favourite outfits is a smart (usually pencil) skirt with a casual sweatshirt, I have quite a few gorgeous black and grey sweats from Topshop and I usually wear a colourful skirt with them but I wanted to turn the tables around and go with a brightly coloured sweatshirt with a darker skirt which is where the above fits in. Casual, gorgeous, comfortable, plus look at the discount!

ASOS full midi skirt in burgundy £10.00 down from £20.00
 I don't really like showing off my legs at the moment so I'm either wearing long skirts or black tights, I'm conscious that a lot of the skirts I wear day to day are dark and that wearing black tights with a black skirt is really quite dull so I decided to inject a bit of colour but in a informal, loose way with this burgundy skirt. Super comfy and a perfect length for myself.

New Look Hiss Cat T-Shirt - £6.50 down from £9.99
I love the odd novelty t-shirt especially when involving cats (or Totoro) but one thing I hate is when people wear t-shirts of a band they don't like or worse still haven't even heard of. Now this is a bit of a weird one, it isn't really a KISS t-shirt, more of a play on KISS so I was a bit on the fence about this but I decided to go for it, I only bought this with the intention of wearing it in bed anyway so what's the harm there? Plus even though I'm not really into KISS (apart from the odd tune at parties) I'm a huge fan of their merchandise so I think I can get away with it.

ASOS Super Soft Long Gloves £4.50 down from £7.00
 Now I know these are pretty plain gloves but one thing I want to brag about is the length. I really don't know what I did before long gloves, this sounds a bit over the top but I'm sure I'm not the only one to have suffered from cold wrists, these are the solution.

Monki socks - the pair on the left were £5.00 and on the right £3.00 - both are sold out now though
Socks should never be dull, even dark plain ones should be slinky. Even if you have to be smart wearing a pair of awesome socks under some boots can easily make you happy. Although I usually go to Topshop I think I'll have to keep an eye out for more socks from Monki from now on.

Monki Remi Simple Foldover Bag £12.00
Another none sale item that I had to get, it's such a bargain. I know few people will specifically look for polyurethane bags but I do, I'm the same with shoes. I was actually purposefully looking for a new bag, slightly larger than my old one, I thought I might even spend up to £100 if  I could find a good quality PU bag that I liked, lucky for me I found this one at only £12.00. It's really a great size, I love how it folds overs too, simple but gorgeous.

ASOS LUPO Slippers £16.50 down from £28.00
One of my favourite items from my shopping spree. I'd loved them at Halloween but as I didn't have the money I wasn't able to buy them. I was sure I'd never have them and that they'd sell out soon after they went down in price after Halloween, I could have sworn that they did sell out so I'd put them to the back of my mind. When I was doing my sale shopping I decided to use the search term Halloween as I love that kind of stuff all year round. These popped up, I told myself that they wouldn't have my size, but they did, so now you have one very happy bunny. They are not only incredibly amazing but also very comfortable.

That's it from my ASOS haul, only one more shop to go through!


  1. I love shopping on ASOS too! Best part is the wide selection and free shipping. I'm waiting for a pair of shoes to come in...the cat t-shirt is super is quality. I'm always worried ordering less expensive t-shirts because often they ruin after one wash..

    1. I love getting shoes from ASOS, such a wide variety. The t-shirt is pretty good quality, it isn't going to ruin after a dozen washes however it isn't going to last a lifetime either.