Friday 4 October 2013

MAC - Lipstick - Cyber

MAC Lipstick in Cyber £15.00

Not an exclusive to the Rick Baker collection but is featured in it, I was prompted to buy it along with the palettes as I do love a good dark lipstick. I only have a handful of MAC lipsticks but I haven't been disappointed so far, when I think of MAC I do think dramatic and this shade certainly delivers.

Cyber is a very dark, Gothic, purple. Unlike some dark lipsticks it goes on easily without bleeding so I didn't have to spend ages fixing it up to get it right. It feels smooth on the lips without feeling like it would be easy to smudge, with or without blotting it lasts, it just depends on what you are planning to do with your lips whether you should bother to blot or not. Certainly not the cheapest lipstick out there but for an easy to apply, long lasting, dark lipstick, it really is worth the money. 

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