Saturday 12 October 2013

What's in my GLOSSYBOX October 2013 - Dark Romance

When I heard about the theme of the box this month I was quite excited, I thought it would be mainly make-up especially from the photo on the website which is the photo featured on the included magazine. I'm rather disappointed but I'm not sure whether it's just me with this selection, it might just be me though, I might have lucked out.

Vita Liberata - Latte Illuminating Skin Finsh 2 x 3ml sachets (Full Size: £29.95 for 30ml)

I haven't used this brand before nor is it a product I would think about using. That being said my skin is about as dull as dishwater at the moment so I can make good use of these sachets, 1 to test at home and if all goes well one to wear on a night out. This product can be used all over the body but I will have to test solely on my face. It claims to be better than a BB cream and gives a soft focus, smooth skin finish.

Katy Perry - Killer Queen 1.5ml (£29.50 for 50ml)

Okay, I admit it, I'm a bit of a perfume snob, I know it is unreasonable as there are only a couple of big perfumery houses out there making perfume so this really is just down to branding but if I don't like a particular artist (to be fair, if they're putting their name to a perfume or aftershave it possibly isn't going to be my cup of tea but if Devo release a perfume I will be purchasing it) so I would never have picked this up to smell. I don't like this perfume for myself but I can see the appeal. It has already gone through three changes in scent since putting it on, the settled state I like but it still isn't quite me. My partner has been forced to wear it to see if it smells the same on him, he missed out on the strong 70's style perfume middle stage that I had so I'll ignore that. At first the perfume smelt very sweet, it reminded me of something but I couldn't put my finger on it. It has worn down pretty quickly but the scent it has left behind is a lovely warm, musk, some might say very similar to Wild Musk which Coty also used to produce. I think I'll give this to my Mum as she has been desperate for some Wild Musk which used to be so easy to pick up (I went through a truck load as a teenager, it was next to the Charlie and So...?) but has disappeared from the shelves, at least in this country, this might do the trick.

Monu - Illuminating Primer 20ml (Full Size: £24.95 for 50ml)

I've only ever tried and used one primer, that being Garnier Perfect Blur, I do love how soft it makes my skin so I'm excited about trying this primer out. Like most primer's this can be used on its own or with a little bit of tinted moisturiser, although I think I'll try it out with a light foundation. As it offers SPF protection too this product will be perfect for a later winter sun holiday, although I think I'll put this in my box marked holiday products and save it for next year.

Me Me Me - Cherub's Blush Cheek & Lip Tint Full Size (Full Size: £5.50 for 12ml)

While I do love these tints I am up to my eyeballs in them, I don't think I've bought one in five years but I do have a load to try. However, it will still be a welcome addition. It looks dark in the bottle compared to some others but it stains rather lightly on the lips but is a nice dark red on the cheeks.

Premae - Multi-Vit Smoothie Serum 20ml (Full Size: £22.50 for 50ml)

A pretty decent size sample considering full size is only 2.5x bigger. I've had the Premae Harmony balm in a glossybox earlier in the year but I have yet to try it. As I've used up my current face serum I might start trying this out straight away, especially as my partner has taken a shine to it, he can buy me the full size version. Luckily a little goes a long way and the lemongrass scent is beautiful. 

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  1. I was really quite pleased with last months Glossy box but this month was another disappointment for me the only product I might try is the Primer - the rest of the items were so not for me. It really bugs me how uneven the quality of these boxes are and I've definitely decided to not subscribe again after this runs out. Better save my money and buy something I really want. Xx