Friday 4 October 2013

Models Own - Beetlejuice - Emerald Black and Golden Green

Without flash
Models Own Beetlejuice Nail Varnish in Emerald Black and Golden Green. 

I love it when you find yourself browsing a shop online, find something you really like and realise you already have it, or them in this case. Another online window shopping trip led me to the Models Own Beetlejuice collection which got me rather excited, even more so when I realised I already have two of them.

I don't own enough Models Own stuff full stop. So far this year after trying out their Lip-stix, first a blind buy then a mission buy, I've vowed to pick up every colour in that collection. I'm starting to feel that way about the Beetlejuice collection, I just love the look. I'm regretting not devoting enough of my cash to Models Own nail varnish full stop, they better be prepared as my money is coming their way.

With flash, woah!
The quality, the colour, the value for money, it's all there. The varnish applies evenly, dries really quickly and lasts. It looks frigging amazing too, the colour has depth, it glistens, multi-toned truly like a beautiful beetle (for example Copris elphenor, Cotinis mutabilis, Phalops aurifrons fairmaire, Charidotella sexpunctata). The Golden Green is exactly that, gold with green hues and the Emerald black, well a black with green hues, you can't really describe it better than their actual names. Even though they are fairly cheap this doesn't effect the quality.

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