Thursday 10 October 2013

Nude Glitz Nails

This week I actually managed to paint my nails for my two days in work, I went with nails inc Porchester Square. Now my work week is over but my nails still look pretty good so I decided just to add a bit of glitz to my nails using OPI's When Monkey's Fly! which I hadn't had the chance or occasion to try before, I think I need to pick up more from the OZ collection! 

I do like my weekend nails to be a bit more exciting than my weekday ones but I also like not having to make a mess with removing the previous so this little update works just as well. I also didn't want to waste what I already have on although I can see myself updating my nails yet again for the weekend (I managed to smudge my left hand opening a letter too soon after painting them). Anyhow glitter doesn't always last, the little bits in this feel solid but I feel the large flakes of glitter will get caught very easily. So I think I can justify another nail change.

1 comment:

  1. Oooh I have Portchester Square and it's the most gorgeous nude! It looks perfect with any glitter top coats too!! Xx