Friday 25 October 2013

OPI - Bond Girls Collection - Honey Ryder

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OPI - Bond Girls Collection - Honey Ryder

I love the OPI collections, I usually go for the country/city collections more than the film/celebrity style ones but I've loved the Bond stuff, of course with the previous Bond collection I went with my favourite Bond film, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, but with the Bond girl collection I have instead gone for the first Bond girl, in the first of the Bond films, Dr. No (although technically not the first woman to be with Bond in the film).

Last week I used, for the first time, one of the liquid sand style nail varnishes, this time from the OPI San Francisco collection, Alcatraz Rocks, I loved it, not only a gorgeous shade but also I loved the effect so I was excited to try another colour, this time gold.

With flash - bling-bling - they remind me of a pair of shoes that I loved but didn't end up buying which I regret even though they had 4 inch heels and I would have never been able to go anywhere in them.

As before it applies really easily, dries relatively quickly and is easy to patch up without it being noticeable. I love the texture and although it's rough you don't need to worry about laddering your tights, it won't catch. The gold shade is beautiful and luxurious, it sparkles in the light without being gaudy. Another bonus I've noticed is that when it comes to removing it I find as long as you soak the cotton wool with remover you won't have many problems getting it off, of course it's a bit harder than plain nail varnish but not much and for the effect it's really worth it.

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