Saturday 19 October 2013

OPI Nail Polish San Francisco Collection 2013 - Alcatraz Rocks

Taken with flash
OPI Nail Polish San Francisco Collection 2013 - Alcatraz Rocks - Limited Edition!

I was super exciting about trying this, OPI's Alcatraz Rocks, a limited edition liquid sand effect varnish. I always have problems smudging my varnish so I was excited about this effect as it doesn't need to be that neat. What I was really impressed by was the speed I could apply it and the speed it dries, I applied two coats rather hastily, immediately I was back to playing video games, ten minutes later I put the controller down and it was bone dry.

Taken without flash

Now you shouldn't apply a top coat to this varnish so I was slightly worried it will chip easily but straight after I was able to shower, get ready and go out. The photos were taken this morning so they've had a good outing and still look amazing. Even if they did chip this sort of style can easily fixed without it being noticeable. A sparkling, navy shade that is perfect for this time of the year, fun but also smart. 


  1. That a beautiful colour! xx

    1. I think it looks even better in person, the texture though, it might just be me but I love the rough texture too! x