Wednesday 23 October 2013

Bloggers Slimming Club - Lose a Stone for Christmas - 1lb Down!

I'm going in slow motion this week, work is on my mind and when I'm not in work I'm resting so everything I've done outside of work is done very slowly. I logged this 1lb loss yesterday on MyFitnessPal, although I weighed myself on Sunday so I am truly moving at a snails pace, just like my weight loss, which is good.

I didn't want to restart my goals on MFP, I'm very proud of the weight I've lost and even prouder that I maintained the weight loss eating maintenance calories whilst being off ill for almost a year. There were a few days where I didn't feel like eating much and those where I ate everything I wanted - just before the surgery, if for some reason something had gone wrong, well I wouldn't have known but it didn't ruin anything.

A few weeks back

Okay, I know this might sound like I'm celebrating something minor but it is important to me, just as not gaining whilst bed-bound was huge as I was so used to my weight flip-flopping all over the shop. I do this whole weight loss thing the frustrating, painstakingly, will it ever happen way. Some days I want to cheat, I want to cut corners and eat less than I should because that is how I did it when I was young, it worked, well it worked for a couple years, I then had to cut even more just to maintain it, eating a third of the calories I do today. It has taken me ten years to realise there isn't a big problem with my body, I can eat normally and be a normal weight.

Do you know what stops me from cheating? Women's magazines. This is not because they encourage instead they remind me of what happens when you choose a faddy diet over long term healthy eating and a little bit of exercise. I hadn't bought any magazines for a while but as I was shopping with James I slipped a couple in the basket. There are so many "celebs" that find a special diet that supposedly works, nothing else would apart from only eating lemons or potatoes or only eating food that is purple. They show off their body and I feel it's a bit sad because you know those people that only had a little bit to lose and are claiming to have lost 10lbs in 10 days will end up gaining it back and then some. Some can hold on to the weight loss for months, others weeks. It's frustrating, I feel sorry for them, there is still so much pressure on looking a certain way. I hate the idea that people are being bullied into being a certain size, I always think the response is to ignore them and not vow to be a certain size in x amount of weeks, surely that is just giving into them? 

These magazines remind me that slow might take a lot longer but it will also last a lot longer. I never feel like I'm missing out nor do I panic about Christmas.It doesn't stop me from being frustrated, especially as I feel so out of control with other aspects of my body at the moment. 

I wonder how we'll view weight loss in 20 years time? I'd like to think that the times will have changed, we're more healthy as a whole but also less judgemental but I think that might be just wishful thinking. As long as there is money to be made there will be weight loss pill, potions and spells on the market. 


  1. Oh really interesing idea and concept.

  2. You've come so far, you should be so proud. Well done on another pound xx

  3. Totally agree! Though currently the picture that is spurring me on isn't one from in a magazine, it is a picture of me at my best mate's wedding. Definitely shocked me into getting rid of the hips!!
    Well done on the 1lb loss - a loss is a loss and takes you even closer to your target!! Good luck for the next week x Sim @ Sim's Life x

    1. You know when I first started what always helped me was looking at photos when I was thinner, I can't bare to look at photos of me looking bigger which is really vain and horrible. I think it was thinking of all the fabulous weird, interesting vintage clothing I used to be able to fit into.

      Thank you! xx