Saturday 26 October 2013

Autumn Mini Haul #1

I've mentioned my slowness this week, I feel busy and slow. Plus there is another issue, my good camera is in for repairs. My good camera isn't exactly high quality but it is much better than my old one so I've not been testing much make-up out but any mini shop has to be shared.

With being busy and stressed this week my partner knows what helps, shopping. After a very slow start to the day including watching the 2 and a half hour epic musical, Half a Sixpence in bed we finally made it out at 4:20pm, the shops close at 5:30pm so this was a whirlwind shop.

I'd been on the New Look website earlier this week and added many things to my saved items list, when I went back today I noticed they were doing a fun scratch card offer, spend £30 and receive an Everyone's a Winner scratch card with a guaranteed win, I couldn't resist. I'd seen some gorgeous shoes on the New Look website that I wanted to try out, I don't wear leather and it can be hard to find good polyurethane shoes, I'd wanted some nice loafers and brogues but it has taken me a while to find some good, comfy, non-leather ones, luckily New Look delivered and I picked up some gorgeous burgundy patent loafers. I also love me a good jumper, I can't even justify this buy, I just love the jumper, I really need a smart but comfy, light jumper that can conceal a small hot water bottle while I'm at work. at the moment I wear a rather baggy one and I think I look a little too scruffy but I kind of feel like this is too nice to be worn at work just yet. It made me think of Freddy Krueger, although not red and green but burgundy and black instead. If I had a nice pair of black straight jeans I'd be wearing this jumper with the shoes.

Oh and James couldn't resist this little fox pot, neither could I.

Now I didn't find any of the items I had on my saved list on the online shop, I didn't expect to as the stuff I'd found online that I loved was part of the tall section and my local New Look doesn't have a tall section, not a problem as I was hoping to do an online order as James wants to order some bargains for himself too along with non-leather shoes. Here is the fantastic part, now you know I mentioned the Everyone's a Winner scratch card? well I think I won the best thing possible, 25% off my next shop in New Look, both in store and online! James will be spending a little more on me in the week to come.

Next up we quickly popped in Superdrug and possibly annoyed them by being there just before closing. There were loads of little bits I'd wanted to pick up make-up wise (not toiletries, still being good there) but because we were short of time I just couldn't think. I did remember the Barry M stuff I wanted but the rest were thanks to browsing and the 3 for 2 on cosmetics on at Superdrug. I remembered just while James was paying that I really wanted to pick up some of the Rimmel Scandaleyes Shadow Paint but couldn't decide which to go for so had to leave it.

I did pick up some awesome bits, the two Barry M matte nail varnishes (burgundy crush and brown mocha - I have gone burgundy mad today) I'd been eyeing for a while, I wanted some nice, work-friendly shades for autumn and both of these fit the bill. I love their nail art pens but hadn't picked up the white one which I could have done with last week when doing my colourful skull nails so I finally stocked up. Now the random buys. Another lippie, Maybelline super stay 14 hour lipstick, I picked up a red version ages ago that I haven't tried yet but couldn't resist always plum. Now more nail stuff, first Bourjois laser manicure topping in sun scales, I just thought it would be perfect over an orange or brown for Bonfire Night/Halloween. Last but not least MUA nail constellation Pisces (for someone that doesn't believe in astrology I do pick up an awful lot of astrology themed goods - see Leek haul), I couldn't resist, I've wanted to try caviar nails for ages but have never been too sure about them, I decided at £3 it was time to give it a go.

Fortunately M&S was still open so we nipped in and I started to browse for Christmas presents, my mum loves the perfume and I have to say they do make some really nice day perfumes and the handbag sized bottles are super cheap so I like to pick up a few different ones for mum to use. I clapped eyes on Halloween stuff, ten years back you really couldn't get much Halloween themed stuff but now it is everywhere and I'm super happy about that. We picked up some of the Scorpion shaped pickled onion corn snacks and the lightly salted ghost crisps, I'll try and save these for Bonween (a combination of Halloween and Bonfires night) so that they can be shared. Oh and a few of the veggie range of sweets Marks and Spencer do, I rarely buy sweets but it's nice that I can get the odd sweet treat like this minus the gelatine.

I do love a little trip out to the shops and I think taking me out to them when there is only an hour left to shop is perfect if James wants to save some money! 

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