Thursday 22 May 2014

NARS Shimmer Eyeshadow in Nepal

Now I picked this eyeshadow up on my Manchester trip back in February so I'm not breaking my beauty buying ban, well, at least not with this. It's a rare occurrence for me to pick up a singular eyeshadow these days, there are so many amazing, affordable palettes out there that it makes sense to buy a set rather than one but NARS is a brand I haven't tried before, unbelievably, and when I was confronted by a wealth of gorgeous products I decided to look for something practical, something I could wear everyday but still special. So I went with a shimmer eyeshadow in Nepal.

First I'll talk about the colour, what may to some look like a dull, mushroom brown in the pot has a lovely shimmering slightly golden pink quality to the brown. The shade makes it a gorgeous, understated daytime eyeshadow but the metallic shimmer adds a glamorous night time quality - making it so very easy to dress up. I'd also say this shade if season proof, a true year round make-up bag staple.

It's easy to apply whether you use a brush or even just your finger - when in a rush! You can either add a light shimmer or build layers rather quickly and simply. It's also long-lasting, even in hot, sticky weather. I've found I can apply it at 8am and it will still be in place at 8pm.

Now it isn't exactly the cheapest eyeshadow out there, you could buy a couple of average priced palettes for the price but it is something special, it is versatile and it lasts so even though it is a bit of an investment it's definitely worth it.


  1. Great shine! Love your beautiful blue eyes!!