Sunday 18 May 2014

Sunday Weigh In: With More Oomph!

Yet another week avoiding the scales, it has become an easy habit fortunately. Sometimes I do think I should just check next time I jump in the shower however when it comes around to it I forget! I'm glad, I'm putting my energy elsewhere rather than getting upset by a number.

I haven't done this before but I thought it would be a good idea to focus on NSV's (Non-Scale Victories);

  • My knickers are baggy! So much so that I will need to replace them as they are pretty much hanging off me.
  • My Hi-Vis Vest fits properly - I can actually wrap it around a little bit too.
  • I get to go to sleep with that good ache of exhaustion, this is mainly due to exercise now rather than post-surgery. It's only 7.30 p.m. and I'm already in bed. borrowing a laptop and watching Blue Velvet!

Not synced up yet today!

  Step wise I'm back to hitting over 10,000 in the week. I actually managed over 12,000 on Wednesday. I wanted to do more as it was an exercise rest day although Thursday ended up being one too but that was a last minute decision, at least I was over 10,000 steps. Not quite up to 10,000 steps at the weekend but I've been focusing on exercise which I will talk about after. At the moment I'm happy to aim for over 5,000 each day at the weekend.

Next week I'm going to focus on miles rather than steps (although still aiming over 10,000 steps at least), I'm still trying decide how many miles to aim for so I'll add that in at the goals section!

Exercise wise I've really done well, this week I've done 299 minutes and burned 4,633 calories - which is a heck of a lot! Several different routines including the two amazing DVD's I mentioned last week. I've added one more thing to my routine, well something I started a while back, boxing, but didn't have a routine until I picked up 10 Minute Solution - Knockout Body Workout, now today was just a trial run with it but I did 25 minutes and burned 262 calories so not bad!

Food wise it has been another pretty good week. I've not been snacking on terrible things at work, plenty of fruit, I'm still enjoying my salad and I've been taking in a small bag of popcorn and a little portion pot of either Jaffa Cakes or Oreo mini's. It all fits in plus it is nice to have a little something. I've picked up some little pots of pineapple to take in when I haven't got any fresh fruit plus I treated myself to a couple of tins of peaches although I haven't eaten them yet.

In the evening I'm a bit unsure of what to have, it's hard to find something quick, easy and veggie although I've been inspired to pick up some courgette's after Cheryl's Cheesy Courgette and Potato Layered Casserole. I am feeling a bit lost, especially as we have a freezer full of food but nothing is inspiring enough, plus we have limited time in the evening. We do have a cupboard full of pasta which I do plan on using up but sticking with a 50g (dry) portion rather than 75g.

Short Term Goals
Okay, I've decided, next week I am going to aim for 31 miles, if I hit it then the next week I will add a mile. Aiming to finally make it to 40 miles a week - eek!
On top of that I just want to keep up with the good eating and exercising. I also want to be inspired with my evening meals!

Long Term Goals
Oh the same as ever, although we can also see asking it to 40 miles a week as a long term goal!


  1. Wow! The amount you've walked and exercised this week is amazing! I'm hoping my Weight Watchers leader remembers to bring me in a pedometer this week as she keeps forgetting and I'm hoping that by seeing how little I actually do move during the day will spur me on to up it to 10,000 steps a day at least. I did laugh when you said your knickers were hanging off you, but what a great feeling that must be! Well done, can't wait to see how you get on next week too!

    1. Thanks sweetie! I really hope you get your pedometer this week - they really are life changing! I found it just encouraged me to get up and do little things more often - and volunteer to run out and do stuff just so that I increased my steps! xx

  2. Wow, love the idea of focusing on victories other than the number on the scales - woohoo for baggy knickers !! lol - thanks for linking up xx

    1. It's really nice to look at where things are improving, the scales are always upsetting yet if clothes aren' as snug then something is going right. It's just a hard cycle to get out of! xx

  3. Good job on the efforts so far. keep up the good work.