Thursday 1 May 2014

Hurraw! Tinted Lip Balm in Black Cherry and Cinnamon

It is hard to remember what life was like before Ebay, although the format has evolved only gradually other changes are more obvious, some for the worst - increased fees for the seller have driven prices to the customer up meaning it can be harder to get a second-hand bargain. There are also changes that have been for the better, it is now possible to find interesting things all over the world and products you may have once never heard of are available at a few clicks of the mouse. Which is how I came across Hurraw! lip balms. 

Now as Ebay sellers can constantly change their stock my link above is to a shop that sells them in the UK, I will however mention the two sellers I purchased from, their ebay stores, Lifeart Ltd and Natural Beauty Boutique

Although I have vowed to work through what I already have I couldn't resist these tinted lip balms, I bought two quite similar shades but put anything black cherry or cinnamon in front of me and I have to have it! 

The lip balms are natural, organic, vegan, yummy raw goodness. They are delicious, smooth, ultra moisturising and ever so soft on the lips. Both the black cherry and cinnamon 'taste' gorgeous and left my lips feeling not only soft but warm and tingly (must be the cinnamon).

These are tinted lip balms but the tint is really quite sheer. It's hard to capture so instead you'll have to take my word for it, the cinnamon is a light warm, brown-red and the black cherry, slightly darker and more of a purple-red. They are both perfect for just adding a hint of colour but in a light way so you could easily get away with applying without a mirror. 

Now there are a wealth of lip balms on the market but these gorgeous, organic, vegan goodies really have the edge with a selection that includes a night treatment balm, a none tinted but very intriguing earl grey lip balm just to name a couple. I have to be good at the moment but once I've worked my way through the lip balms I already have I'll choose to stock up on Hurraw! lip balms.


  1. They look super yummy and I am super will be great but I am quite sure that they will not be avaliable on eBay india . SAD
    Keep in touch

    1. They are delicious! Hurraw! themselves ship worldwide but this does drive up the cost!