Sunday 11 May 2014

Sunday Weigh In - First Week Back!

Well it was my first week back in work which had a positive effect on my steps. Okay, not quite 10,000 everyday but a pretty good start.

I'm happy I managed 10,000 on a couple of days and plan to improve although it might take another week as one of the things I can't do at the moment is get off the bus a couple of stops early. This always adds to my steps but as I've been in a rush to get home to my poorly cat I've had to sacrifice a few steps. Hopefully he will continue to improve although it is still hard to spend time away from his little adorable face.

The weather has also been appalling, I was incredibly fortunate the week I was off work and I still need to post photos of my little walks, hopefully this week!

Even though my steps weren't fully there I have made the effort to work out. It sometimes sucks time out of my evening as it can take me a while to get going again when I get home but I've managed to do 175 minutes all week. Not completely brilliant but pretty good.

Now I've been doing two old favourites, cross trainer and standing pilates but I've also been doing two new workouts, one I briefly mentioned last week Solomon Yogalates for Weight Loss.

I love yoga and I love (standing) pilates and was looking for some new dvds to add to the mix, to be honest the fact that it was only £3.75 sealed the deal. I tried this dvd out last week and I love it. It isn't too heavy but it feels like a good workout, it's quite long, I can't be precise as I  paused certain parts and went through a couple of sections again but last week I logged 90 minutes and 404 calories. The only downside is it isn't one to quickly put on after work although I'd be tempted after a stressful day as it is also super relaxing. I do plan to do this every Sunday as it will make a perfect start to the week.

Luckily I just didn't pick up one new workout dvd, I went for three (well 4 actually, I have one on pre-order!) although I've just been checking out two of them for the time being, second one is The Firm - 20 Minute Fat Burning. Now this is a perfect one for after work, amazingly intense there are two 20 minutes sections you can do. I've slowly been working through them, getting used to the moves, trying to be a little more coordinated. Even just getting used to the workout on average I manage to burn around 300 calories for 20 minutes.

Now I still need to take it easy if I get sore, although it is coming up to a year since I had surgery. I've come along way since then but I still should be careful.

I'm rather excited about my new workouts, my eating has been a lot better this week also.

As usual I still do a little of what I fancy/everything in moderation/portion control. I've increased my fruit and veg intake so I'm getting plenty each day. One bonus is that the canteen/deli at my place of work has started selling little snack pots of either melon, cucumber, carrots - I mainly go for the melon as an extra to my lunch which is still durum wheat, carrots, tomato, cucumber and pepper although I've also decided to add white cabbage - something I had forgotten how much I love. I've also had raw cauliflower to snack on and my usual bananas and apples.

I've also started taking pots of mini jaffa cakes and mini bags of popcorn again so I don't feel like I'm missing out. I still feel like a bit of chocolate when I return home but have decided just to have a glass of chocolate soya milk which will be great just before I work out plus it will quench my chocolate craving, to top it of I also absolutely love it.

Short Term Goals
Keep up the good eating and slowly increase the exercise. Keep up the steps. Try and find more balance at the weekend.

Long Term Goals
Pretty much the same, although I could do with a nice holiday asap rather than in the distant future.


  1. wow, I admire your motivation, I need to get back on the wii fit and back on my workout dvds. I've been doing loads of walking for geocaching but I need to up my game. The snack pots sound fabulous. Thanks for linking up xx

    1. I think having so many different routines helps with my motivation, variety is key, if I'm not in the mood for one thing I know I can find something else! Plus I don't have children which helps. I do sometimes feel a bit fed up as I work, exercise and then I need to rest (mainly due to being ill/surgery) I feel like it will pay off in the end but I do sometimes feel like doing nothing.

      I do envy your Wii Fit, I've been eyeing up a kinect for my Xbox but as we're living with my parents I don't think they would appreciate it.

      The snack pots are so great and good value, I've been having melon all week, it makes a refreshing addition to my lunch! xx

  2. I've never tried fitness dvds and I seem to avoid any kind of exercise! Gym bunny I am not lol but might have to give them a go. Even I can do 20 minutes surely?

    1. I honestly believe exercise is the same as music, films, books - there is something out there for everyone, we don't all like the same thing but if you stick at it you can find your thing. Once you find something it becomes easier to find more exercise you enjoy - I much prefer doing DVD's at home although I would prefer the A/C of a gym! Give some DVD's a go, I highly recommend both of them! xx