Tuesday 27 May 2014

Soigné Nail Lacquer in Pomegranate

I know I already have too many nail varnishes which is why it was the original theme of this blog but I still get excited when there is something fresh to try. This is where Soigné steps in, new to the UK market, their website won't even go live until June but this doesn't mean I'm going to wait until then to review the beautiful nail varnish I received in my May Birchbox. Plus if you want to keep track of this brand they are on many different social media sites, including Pintrest, Google+, Twitter - to name a few. If you have a look at just one of their pages you will see that they have some gorgeous colours on offer. 

So what is so different about this brand? Well they are offering beautiful, luxury styling just with a natural, botanical formula. I don't usually pay much attention to my nail varnish, I find them to be mainly the same, they apply the same, they dry the same although some can be a little quicker and they mainly last pretty much the same but you can tell something is slightly different here at first application.

On application the formula feels thinner, not too runny but certainly not as gloopy as others. This doesn't have a negative effect on the shade though, I received pomegranate, a super vivid red and I was able to apply just one coat and get a good, strong, even coverage. It dried so much quicker than any other nail varnish I've tried, it was completely dry within five minutes and within thirty minutes my cat, The Beast, had decided to fall asleep on my arm and hand. Usually I would have made sure this didn't happen as most smudge and more importantly I wouldn't want him covered in nail varnish but this was completely dry. There wasn't a single sign of any drag on the nails in the night they were perfectly smooth. 

Now for my first outing I did only wear one coat and no top coat. I had a rather busy day (one of the reasons I didn't get a chance to tidy up my nails before the photo!) with a lot of intricate work, mainly with a screwdriver and fiddly equipment and I have to admit it chipped very easily. That night I applied another coat of the nail varnish, again without a top coat, sadly I had similar problems with it chipping - but I did have another fiddly work day. However the next night I touched it up, applied a clear top coat and the next day it was perfectly fine.

Now although I found on its own it chipped very easily I do find a lot of brands chip fairly easily and so I find the positives here outweigh this one negative. I have never had a nail varnish that dries this quickly, for me painting my nails is a big event that takes time whereas with this brand I could put this on ten minutes before going out the door. This makes it perfect if you just don't usually have the time to do your nails, it really is that quick. 

Now if you can't wait a couple of weeks until June there are a few shades available to buy from Birchbox, just follow my link underneath the photo. I really can't wait to see what is on offer from this brand, fingers crossed their site goes live on the first of June! 


  1. Lovely colour!!

    1. It's a nice proper bright red, I think all the rest I've got happen to be on the darker side so it makes a nice change.

  2. we still don't have soigne in india , sad .. the color is such shining red , love it
    would love if you can drop by and follow my new blog www.indianbeautydiary.com

    1. the colour really does pop, it's gonna be perfect on my toes! Swinging by now!

  3. It really does shine, very vivid!