Saturday 31 May 2014

Weekend City Break Wardrobe: Keeping it Simple

Weekend City Break: Keeping it Simple

You may have guessed by the theme of this post that I have a weekend break coming up very soon, which is exciting as I never usually get to go away, after years of illness I'm trying to get out as much as possible so with a two night break coming up I am super excited and paying as much attention to my shopping as I would if I was going away for two weeks! 

Now as it is just a short break I am forced to be sensible and I wanted to look at the best possible way to pack as little clothes as possible with three different looks. I'm thinking about my own break which will be a little bit of history one day and the zoo the next so lots of walking so I'm looking at things I find fun and cool so above is what I've come up with. 

I love longer length skirts and this jersey one from ASOS is perfect, the whole look is but instead I will be teaming it with a black and white striped t-shirt, so slightly shorter sleeves. Now the weather isn't that easy to judge right now but as there will be lot's of walking I want to keep it lightweight so I've chosen a jersey bomber jacket which is both suitably casual but also slightly smart. Now to keep it extra comfy I'll be slipping into a pair of pretty, comfortable Vans. To top it off a couple of accessories, both practical, a cute backpack and a pair of sunglasses - there is a slim chance of sun. Now as we don't fully know what we'll get up to until we're there I've chosen a versatile dress, pretty pattern, comfortable material but still lovely enough to wear out a night. Plus for travelling back I can wear the dress with the t-shirt over, it will work! 

This is a suitably lightweight wardrobe for a weekend away, it's pretty hard for me to do this but I always tell myself if I pack the are minimum I can always pick up some new clothes whilst I'm away!