Tuesday 9 December 2014

Astrid & Miyu Secret Box December 2014

I love Astrid & Miyu, I've been having pieces from them for a number of years now. I say having as James usually buys them for me (although I pick) I love their pieces but I also think they're a great company. James is usually sent a discount in the post which of course he loses before ordering but they always respond to his grovelling email and the discount simply means I get to have more, it really is a win-win situation for me. They're just a nice company to deal with and more importantly, as I've mentioned I LOVE their pieces. So I really should have a pat on the back for resisting this up until now.

You know I love my subscription boxes although I was on a very sensible two (and one of those is for Samhain) up until now. I was spurred into signing up for the Secret Box when James was ordering my Christmas presents, the ring I so desperately wanted went out of stock, forever! Deeply saddened I vowed to increase my Astrid & Miyu collection tenfold and because I haven't seen an item on the site I didn't like it made good economical sense to subscribe to the Secret Box - that's the story I'm sticking to, a ring that I really wanted did seriously go out of stock (if you don't believe me check the highest priority items on my wishlist) it was the My Crystal Ball ring in rose gold, it was only added to that list in November, It had been on my wishlist for a lot longer, I really should have made sure I picked it up.

So I looked into signing up to their Secret Box, at £39 a quarter with free UK & EU shipping it's actually quite a bargain if you tend to pick up a few items a year. You're looking at £39 on average for an item so even if you receive just one item of jewellery it would be still nice to have the surprise. You aren't tied into a minimum amount so you could cancel after one box or continue until you need to invest in new jewellery boxes (must make sure I do that). Although the items are surprises there is some tailoring, you receive a survey to fill out before each box which not only covers general tastes but also some very important areas, a few questions I was glad they asked were my ring size, my plating preference (Rose gold!) and, more importantly, what other items from Astrid & Miyu I already have.

I should mention that the last order date for this quarters Secret Box is 10th December so if you're reading this after then (I know that's only 24 hours away) you'll have to wait until March for the next box.

Enough of the talk, time to bring on the pretty photos, so what did I get? Well, as I don't want to spoil it all is revealed after the cut.....

I'm so happy with my first box, I don't think there was anyway I would be disappointed unless they had a style overhaul overnight. This box has a zodiac theme, I'm a Pisces and received some items to match starting with this stunning Rose Gold Zodiac bracelet (£39).

On top of the bracelet I also received two rings the smaller one is the Rose Gold Zodiac ring with the Pisces birthstone (£39) and the other ring I can't even find on their site - I can't remember if this had been on previously, if this is new or something completely unique, it's so lovely though.

It's such a wonderful selection, I'm wearing them all as I type, I don't want to take them off, I want to sleep in them! I won't, I will be wearing them to work tomorrow, with pride.

To top it off even Samhain got something, he just loves the ribbon!

It's such a fantastic way to top up your jewellery collection, all their pieces are such good quality, so pretty and unique, I can see that I will be subscribing to this for some time, it's just a shame March is so far away. 

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