Wednesday 3 December 2014

Essie Winter 2014 Collection

Well despite vowing I would not buy any further nail varnishes until after Christmas I've gone ahead and broken my vow, as it is only a set of mini nail varnishes I suppose I've only half broken it. I'm sure you'll understand why, they're all stunning, versatile and very festive!

I don't buy as much Essie as I should, I really like the brand but I have to admit to forgetting about them. It's such a shame as they do have wonderful collections, just like this. I know some people would be disappointed with miniatures but at 5ml a bottle I believe it's generous enough - I really find it hard to get through full size bottles!

This collection includes four shades;

  • Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low - A really shimmery molten gold/silver - a perfect party piece
  • Tuck it in my Tux - a milky white shade - perfect for snowy nail backdrop
  • Jump in my Jumpsuit - a rich opulent dark red - ideal for any time of the year
  • Double Breasted Jacket - a light, bright, Christmas red

Now I love that there are two different types of red in this collection, they both offer different styles. Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low is so sparkly without being glittery, it really glistens in the light. Tuck in my Tux will make a perfect background under clear glittery shades but I'm also considering give white nails another chance.

It's such a beautiful collection, the packaging is simple but pretty - the perfect cube makes it ideal to wrap and the contents would make a welcome Christmas present. I picked up this set via Amazon for £12.95

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