Saturday 6 December 2014

Korres Jasmine Eye Make-Up Removal Lotion Review

Now a lot of my posts focus on putting make-up on but today I'd like to do the opposite and instead focus on removing it. I have to admit to being completely slap dash about make-up removal until I hit my thirties, just a general quick wipe over if I was feeling generous. Now although I possibly wear just as much make-up as I did ten years ago I'm becoming a lot more fastidious, wanting every last scrap removed. This led to me searching for an eye make-up remover to use before my general removal. Luckily I didn't have to search far, Korres are one of my favourite brands so I had a look at what they had to offer first and fortunately I didn't have to look anywhere else.

At £16.00 for 200ml this isn't the cheapest eye make-up remover on the market but that wasn't important, I wanted something that would work without much scrubbing and that wouldn't leave my eyes feeling irritated.

One swoop across was enough to remove eyeshadow and mascara from one of my lids.

Only a couple of drops are required to remove a basic daytime look featured in these photos. When wearing heavier make-up I tend to use two pads, one for each eye. Eye make-up removes easily meaning that I don't wake up to find that all the mascara I thought had been removed is now stained below my eyes adding to the dark circles. Not once have my eyes felt sore or have been left red and so far in two months I'm only half way through the bottle after daily.

One sweep, most make-up removed from the one eye
It's the best I've tried and as the winter has come I'm wearing heavier eye make-up but it still tackles this leaving not a trace behind.

Have you got a miracle make-up remover?

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  1. WOW, it works like magic for eye makeup
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