Thursday 11 December 2014

Ciaté Haute House Collection

Dark but not foreboding. What's behind the door?
I love the Ciaté sets, they're adorable. I've previously had The Dolls House collection for my birthday back in March, as soon as I saw the Haute House collection I knew I had to have it and finally I have!

I love Ciaté, they have a wonderful selection of nail varnishes and I find the bottles strangely comforting to hold. The mini size nail polishes are a good sized 5ml and I actually prefer them as it means I can have more shades. I've always found the varnishes to be good quality and long lasting, the ones I've tried from this collection have lived up to this standard.

It's a wonderful collection of dark glossy shades, featuring a red, purple, gold, green and finally a blue. They're all very dark, sumptuous shades suitable for most people from the colour shy to the prissy miss - also a perfect Christmas gift.

From top to bottom on the nail wheel we have: Ox blood (Can Can), Molten gold (For the Frill of it) - almost a russet brown, Deep purple (Sass Pot). Royal blue (Knee Highs) and Emerald (Tickle My Fancy).

You know how I mentioned it was a perfect Christmas gift? Well, it is also the perfect gift to get in as an emergency present, and as long as you're heavily prepared as I am then you'll get to keep it for yourself. 

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