Monday 1 December 2014

Lipstick Queen Liptropolis - Lipstick Library Volume 1 Review

The second of my pre-Christmas Space.NK splurges. This had appeared on my Christmas wishlist last year but sadly I didn't receive, so I've picked it up myself, I just couldn't wait a few months longer. I've purchased so many Lipstick Queen lipsticks this year, they are now my go to brand and for me they're totally worth the £20+ price tag so this set, at £40 for three lipsticks may seem a bit indulgent but it's a solid investment.

This beautifully packaged set has delightful artwork inspired by the film Metropolis, the lipsticks are named after districts in New York, Soho is a beautiful light red with a hint of pink, Upper East is a gorgeous nude-pink and Central Park is a striking peach pink shade.

This is a nice spectrum of daytime shades, a perfect nude, a striking red and a playful pink, a really nice set for anyone.

Now not only the shade of the lipstick is important, sure, that's what will draw you in initially but whether you carry on using lipsticks in the long term is really down to how it feels on your lipsticks. These, and all Lipstick Queen products, leave my lips feeling, soft and conditioned, they apply smoothly and it feels so light on. I find some lipsticks just feel gunky on but these are like wearing a balm.

A gorgeous set of practical shades, another great gift for someone or for yourself this Christmas. 


  1. I'm in love of Upper East's color! Is lovely, and for day or night.

    Kisses, Nati

    1. I've already added Upper East to my handbag, it's so perfect! xx

  2. the colors are beautiful and I loved the packaging too
    Keep in touch

    1. It really is beautifully packaged, I find myself saving packaging from make-up I love, I'm running out of room! xx