Tuesday 30 December 2014

Christmas Gifts 2014

Now I'm very nosy and always like having a look at what people receive as presents at Christmas or on their birthday, just like I love to nosy at what people buy when they go shopping. I also love receiving presents, I'm not going to lie, I also love to give presents and do go overboard on my little cousins each Christmas but I have to admit with the amount of presents I receive you'd think I was also a child.

Now Christmas has been different this year, we were fortunate to spend a few days with family and James and I decided that instead of trying to fit it all in we would wait and have a day to ourselves a few days after the chaos. We lazed at home, ate too many sprouts and opened our presents throughout the day whilst watching whatever was on Gold.

I did have a wonderful year and received many fantastic gifts, all of which will feature after the cut as it is photo heavy!

The Cramps and the Butthole Surfers are two of my favourite bands and I was in need of a band t-shirt refresh! A cuddly Enderman - I'm a big Minecraft fan, just in view are my bits of make-up from James, the Lipstick Queen Liquid Assets set and the Lipstick Queen Chinatown minis. 

The purple bag at the top is a gorgeous washbag and also at the top two annuals just out of shot, Whizzer and Chips and a best of the 70s annuals (as a child in the 80s I had a lot of second-hand 70s annuals!).
A gorgeous Typhoon teapot, a Count Duckula mug, a bottle of Viktor & Rolf Bonbon perfume oh and a Paperchase beaker with straw. Back right there we have a lovely bottle of brandy. Now I always like a new game at Christmas but there wasn't much new I fancied except Euro Truck Simulator 2! I know I have some odd tastes but I'm really looking forward to giving this a go. DVD wise I received Sledge Hammer! a fantastic 80s TV series and My Mad Fat Diary which I just loved. Blu-Ray's I received were Alice, The Beast Within and The Inbetweeners 2 (this will most likely be our New Years Eve entrtainment). A couple of books in shot are I Was Told There'd Be Cake and Unknown Pleasures.

At he back is this amazing Devo Energy Dome Throbblehead from Agrronautix and just peaking out is Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever (Henry Rollins and Glen Danzig features as "good friends" in this hilarious comic -  I can't believe I only found out about it this year!). A cross stitch set that I've been after forever, a couple more books Amicus Anthology and Fashion Beast - a graphic novel that has been on my list since its release. A few cd's, the last Inerpol, Dicks 1980-1986 collection and Sleater-Kinney All Hands on the Bad One (my original copy went missing a few moves back). Bottom left is the Rococo nail varnish collection Spellbound (I only just realised I don't have a proper photo of it).

A close up of my jewellery, a couple of items from Topshop, my usual Astrid & Miyu couple of pieces, a beautiful bracelet and some earrings I have been coveting for ages. Last but not least an amazing necklace from Tatty Devine! 

My stocking, loads of little pieces and chocolate bars! Samhain's tail wasn't in there but does happen to appear in this photo!

Presents from my parents, I didn't take a close up photo but a quick rundown and you can see if you can spot the items. The hardest to spot would be the Stirling silver hoops which are exactly the same as a pair I had in the 90s and miss. A bottle of Babycham and glss - I have a collection of the glasses but I don't actually use them to drink out of so this is perfect. A beautiful moon lamp and some year round fairy lights (top right) Classic British comedies board game, My Little Pony tin lunchbox, two Minecraft blind boxes, A Brief History of Time (book, obviously). Alice in Wonderland candle, Sally Hensen nail varnish, a Revolution eyeshadow palette (finally!) and a eyeshadow collection from B. titled Dead of Night (one of my favourite films). Two DVDs, The Clairvoyant and Jack Rosenthal at the BBC plus the blu-ray Ghostbusters 1&2 set. To top it off a good number of CDs, Stevie Nicks collection, Psychedelia collection and PiL This Is What You Want . . . This Is What You Get and finally Artery - Afterwards - Recordings 1979 - 1983.

Now I can't finish this post without a couple of photos of Samhain with his presents at the tree. He was so terribly excited he wet himself, well he marked his stocking!

 After a good hour of play in his new activity tunnel he has to have a quick kip - he was up most of the day he was so excited,


  1. You got some great bits, love the necklace! So cool :)

    1. You know I haven't worn it yet, if only I was out tonight I would do, instead I might make the effort to get dressed tomorrow rather than lounging in my pyjamas! xx

  2. OMG , u got quite a lot huuh
    the tee's are so cool
    Keep n touch

    1. I was very, very lucky,especially considering how busy and stressed we've all been the last few months! xx