Thursday 25 December 2014

Christmas Day Nail Style

Now I was determined to do something for my nails today. Nothing too fancy, I just don't have the skill, but I decided to do something a little more than the one solid colour as I had previously planned.

Really I didn't do that much more but I did top my over the top Christmas red nail varnish with a touch of glitter -  I do love a bit of sparkle.

I still wanted to keep it simple so that it would go with whatever I decided to throw on - I didn't have the time to plan an outfit so it needed to work with a few outfits I might wear (Tartan, floral or leopard print are all possibilities over the next few days).

The red I chose is an absolutely gorgeous metallic red shine shade from butter London, it's called Knees Up and it is unbelievably amazing. I then added a minimal amount of glitter using OPI's When Monkeys Fly!.

I know it's nothing too special but it's nice to have something different on for over the Christmas period. I am hoping to mix it up and go through a few different shades before the New Year, if I have the time.

Anyway, I hope everyone is getting to spend time with loved ones today, a very Merry Christmas to you all! 


  1. beautiful nails for christmas, really liked the red
    keep in touch