Tuesday 16 December 2014

OPI - Nordic Nail Polish Collection 2014 - Thank Glogg It's Friday!

I'm pretty sure I can't go a week without picking up a new nail varnish no matter how many times I say I'll be good. I wanted something from the OPI Nordic collection and on a whim I went for this, Thank Glogg It's Friday!

Thank Glogg It's Friday is a stunning strong red with pink undertones, it's such a vibrant glossy shade. In an unusual move I took the photo above three days after I applied. In yet another unusual move I also applied a top coat which meant the nail varnish lasted all week, apart from a few light scratches (these didn't chip the paint but dented it a little). I applied two coats of this colour followed by a clear top coat. It all dried amazingly quickly, touch dry within five minutes.

It's a really nice versatile colour which will is going to be perfect on my toes once I've stopped with all the festive glitter!

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