Sunday 7 December 2014

Sunday Weigh-In: It's Snowing!

Okay I'm losing the plot when it comes to my titles, I'm also easily distracted by snow!

It's been another mixed week, I find it really hard to remember now that I'm not logging but it has generally been okay or at least no major hiccups.

I haven't quite hit 10,000 steps each day but they've been more on the up. I've had two extra days off work this week to get on with Christmas stuff and to go to the carol service at the rehabilitation centre my dad is in, my steps are always down when I'm off - I was especially weak of Saturday and Sunday. It's also been another week where I've only done two strength routines, again this is something I need to work on. I have increased the weight that I'm lifting yet again.

Not very impressive thanks to letting myself down on Saturday and Sunday - I might be able to get a few more steps in today though.

My parent present came this week which I will also find myself using - a wii! My mum does like the odd game and she doesn't feel compelled to exercise so I think this would be great for her and I also thought this would be good for helping dad with his rehabilitation when out. It was second hand and came with a couple of games including Abba - You Can Dance so I "tested" it and it was good fun so I might aim to do 10 minutes of that a night when I'm busy.

With trying to get in a festive mood (I'm really struggling with all that is going on at the moment) I treated myself to some sprouts with bread sauce, I know not many people would see it as a treat but I love sprouts, I just did my usual Christmas dinner which is usually just a bit of mash, some roast potatoes, sprouts, carrots and bread sauce - not exciting but not that calorific either.

One positive thing I noticed only today was I was looking at a fitness post and this girl had an amazing body and it occurred to me that I never once thought I wish I looked like that, I know my body has a way to go but I've stopped comparing which is a bit more of a positive outlook.

Short Term Goals
Do more - if I don't have time for the strength routines then it's gonna have to be ten minutes of Abba dancing!

Long Term Goals
Same as last week, it's always similar, Birthday outfit, holiday outfit, etc....


  1. Fantastic news if you're stopping comparing - acceptance is the way to go :) Abba dancing sounds great fun too ! xx

    1. It's funny how it creeps up on you, it's nice to not be jealous of others though, it does make a big difference! The Abba is fab and a bit of energy! xx

  2. I started running again for one hour I did gain weight for the past 2months. need to go back on track. I prefer dancing too!

    1. I love to run but I'm not that great at it, too many hills where I live! I used to swim for hours a week and once I stopped I just gained weight, it's sometimes hard to find the time but exercising is just the best thing for weight loss! xx

  3. I wish we had snow so jealous!
    I used to love playing on my wii the wii fit was a great way to exercise when it was miserable outside

    1. It's amazing! Although it is slowly melting away, I want more snow! It was nice to have it yesterday though as we were decorating the tree!
      I'm going to make good use of it - to encourage my parents of course! Just the odd five or ten minutes will all add up! xx