Saturday 13 December 2014

OPI Glitter-Off Peelable Base Coat Review

OPI Glitter-Off Peelable Base Coat RRP: £11.95 (currently £8.63)
I feel foolish for having not found this earlier, I only came across it while browsing ASOS. If I would have known about it sooner my year would have been more of a glitter-fest but as I hadn't (and my time has been short) I haven't been using my glitter nail varnishes as I wouldn't have the time or the patience to remove it. 

So what exactly is this stuff like? Just pretty amazing but it does smell and has somewhat the consistency of pva glue on application, a quick look at the ingredients reveals that it does include polyvinyl acetate. It is like applying glue to your nails, It doesn't however leave a glue like substance on the nails, I painted them before going to sleep with this stuff and in the morning there wasn't a trace, even when I touched them it didn't feel like there was a weird coating.

You can't even see that's on or feel that's on but you can certainly tell you're wearing something that makes a difference when you come to take off whatever top nail varnish you go for.
I became doubtful that it would actually work because there was no evidence of it being left on my nails but I went ahead and applied butter London's Henley Regatta, three heavy coats to be exact. 

The nail varnish dried as it should, to be on the safe side I didn't add a top coat. I figure that if you're using a base like this it is simply because you want either a strong and/or glittery look for the night that you can them remove easily. I did worry that if it comes off so easily it wouldn't actually last but it does, somewhat. Well, by this I meant I could do some standard tasks like clean the house, hang up clothes, type on the computer but if I had anything fiddly or tricky to do - basically anything that would rub the opposite way up my nails, well it would have chipped it or pulled quite a chunk off but I only managed this just before removal (even then it was just a tiny chip). 

As it had lasted so well I wasn't fully convinced that it would remove easily but instead it removed better than I could ever imagine. I used a cuticle stick to push them back, honestly the varnish just slid away from the nail without damaging my nail at all. Now the best way for me to show its effectiveness is to post a little video so here you go.

I was really impressed with how easy it was, how little damage it did and how I wasn't the usually glittery mess I'm in after removing glitter nail varnishes. It just slides off so easily, it's amazing.

Glittery nails removed in moments, nails were 98% clear and didn't feel at all like they had been damaged.
It really is a wonder product and just perfect for this time of the year now that we've entered party season. 

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  1. The base coat makes it so easy to remove. Really an amazing product & would you like to follow
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