Thursday 1 January 2015

Resolutions for 2015

I don't go wild with New Year's resolutions, in a way I don't "believe" in them, if you want to change something you should start straight away, however, it is inevitable that at the end of the year you just can't help but evaluate what has gone right in the last year and what has gone wrong. The new year does feel like a fresh start and I do love a good list so this year I've gone overboard.

I still believe that small specific goals work better than large general goals, even just splitting a large goal into a couple of smaller actions makes it more doable. In fact, most of my list covers being tidier, being healthier (and losing weight) and saving money, just in smaller more manageable chunks. So, straight on with the novel, err....list!

  1. Drink green tea daily - slightly strange but there is a reason. I'm not quite one for magic elixirs or even taking vitamins - I prefer to try and have a balanced diet but I do find there is a period when I get home from work when I'm just hungry and can snack horribly.  Instead I'm replacing my snacking with green tea (and a banana if I'm working out), I'm actually going for the matcha variety and although I was already planning to pick some up from Tea Pigs I was very lucky that they currently have 20% off their matcha green tea range and are re-running their matcha green tea challenge throughout January - I'll certainly be taking part.  I also picked up more Popcorn tea for James - I've not told him though, it will be a nice surprise. 
  2. Organise my collectible figures. I have a wide selection of interests, I really do, This does mean I collect a lot of stuff, an awful lot, In 2013 I bought some pieces of furniture to help organise my "front room" somewhat, see here and here. It worked but one of the items that arrived was broken so I had to arrange for a swap, once that happened the momentum had gone and the shelving has sat in the conservatory, still in the box since. My collection of collectible figures has grown out of control, especially with the release of the Funko Pop Vinyl Buffy the Vampire Slayer figures (although I'm still to pick up Angel and Oz). I need the shelving up so I can display all my figures, still in the boxes of course. 
  3. Organise my front room in general, it's a bit of a tip. Both my wardrobes are broken so clothes are everywhere, my dvd and blu-ray collection has taken over. I plan to move a piece of furniture out of the room to store elsewhere so that I can more in a couple more other shelving units along with the shelving unit mentioned above. I will also aim to get rid of at least a couple of boxes worth of stuff, any old stuff. 
  4. A buying ban on toiletries, make-up and especially nail varnish. Apart from a few choice items and essentials, although is make-up really ever essential, no. I have a couple of items on my list to pick up next month, two items from Benefit - Rockateur as I'm nearly out and They're real push up liner as it really is amazing. Other than that foundation will be the only other thing I'll pick up. This isn't a year long ban but my aim is for it to cover the first three months of the year at least. 
  5.  Use up the toiletries and make-up I do have. This is in relation to the goal before I will aim to use up a third of what I already have or get rid of anything that is just out of date.
  6. Organise my nail varnish. I have hundreds of nail varnishes and last night it took me an hour to find the shade I wanted. I have a load of empty glossyboxes and birchboxes that I could utilise to organise my nail varnish by colour. I have so many varnishes to use I really don't need to buy myself any for the next year (I've known this for a while yet I still bought 5 new sets in December!). I really need to use up what I already have. 
  7. Which leads to the next goal, I need to wear nail varnish more often. It's so daft that I don't get around to doing my nails yet I have so many shades to choose from. This year I'm going to make the effort, the wonderful discovery that is OPI glitter-off peelable base will help as it means I can wear more dazzling effects at the weekend, remove it easily so that I can return to more subdued nails in the week. 
  8. Back on track with my exercise regime. Now the reason I stopped was due to family commitments, I just didn't have the time as family is more important but I plan to do more exercise, my aim will be to get back to four days a week. Now it might not mean that each of these days is a fully suited, heart rate monitor wearing, trainers on day - Using the Wii to dance to Abba will count - although I will wear the heart rate monitor for this. 
  9. Watch my diet - again this downfall has only been in the last few months due to family commitments but I want to get back to logging my food on My Fitness Pal. I also want to cut down my portion sizes slightly. I don't believe in big changes, I also don't think you have to cut everything out you like just keep it in moderation but I want to make sure my evening meal is a little lighter. I'll cut down gradually. 
  10. No more clothes until I've got down to my to my ideal size. I want to get to a size I'm happy with and I'm wasting money buying new clothes, okay, t-shirts and jumpers aren't going to be too bad but I have so many clothes as it is so instead I'll treat myself when I've got to where I want to be - that's something to aim for and look forward too, shopping is nice but a shopping spree is just amazing. 
  11. Budget and save money. I want to be careful with my finances. I need to save up to move out of my parents so I need to save money for a deposit as I don't want to go back to renting. I want to budget so that I have a little bit of money to spend each month as I don't have any other vices, I don't smoke any longer and rarely have a drink, plus we don't go out much. I can put money away and still have a bit of spending money especially if I create a budget for groceries and not buy toiletries (apart from essentials) for the first three months. I'm hoping that once I have a little money in my savings it becomes a lot easier to put money aside. 
  12. Get out more. Although this does conflict slightly with the budgeting I would like to get out more often. Where this is just a trip to the local museum or travelling out of town to go to the cinema it would be nice to do something different each month.
  13.  Last but not least, watch the equivalent of a film a day, I managed it in 2014, I watched 365 films. It would be nice to exceed this goal. I know it does seem excessive but I don't actually watch a film daily, one of my favourite things to do when I have a bit of time off work is to have a film marathon, which also includes camping out in the front room (although at my age I do have to take the mattress down with me). A three day marathon can lead to watching 20 films if not more so hopefully this will be an easy challenge. I'd also like to make sure I use my tablet less and read more - I have so many books on my to-read shelf along with library books I really need to at least aim for one a month this year if not more. 

I'm hoping a few of the items I can consider completed within the first month, or even first week of the year whereas others are slow burners.

Have you set yourself any goals for 2015?

Happy New Year!


  1. Woah, what a set of resolutions! I'm totally with you on number 4 - must restrain from buying unnecessary products!

    I want to be more creative and worry less in 2015 :).

    Happy new year! x


    1. I nearly failed today but I stepped away from the sale!

      They're good resolutions, worrying less is a great one but can be hard to do sometimes. xx