Tuesday 13 January 2015

butter London Lippy Tinted Balm in Teddy Boy Review

At the end of November last year the butter London website was offering 30% off everything so I indulged in a number of nail varnishes and I also decided to give one of their lipsticks a go. With December being so busy I decided to wait until this year to give it my full, undivided attention.

Now it is described as a tinted balm and it does feel like that on the lips, it softens and moisturises. Yet, unlike most tinted balm the shade is more opaque than sheer. For me this is very welcome. I chose Teddy Boy, part of the Boho Rock Collection, as I wanted another nude shade to wear to work, I love my light 60s style nudes but this time I was after something darker with a hint of rosy pink which is exactly what this shade is.

I don't have high expectations when it comes to the longevity of tinted lip balm, usually the colour disappears as soon as the balm sinks in, or in some cases there might be a slight stain but this actually sits like a lipstick. Like with most light shades I found myself needing to reapply a few times in a working day but that's simply as often as I'd apply lip balm anyway so there's no hardship.

This really is a super tinted balm, one of eleven gorgeous shades on offer and although I'm on a beauty buying ban I think I'll have to treat myself to their Black Cherry tinted balm at the beginning of March as a little birthday treat!


  1. Ooh what a beautiful tinted lip balm! I'm not familiar with products other than their lacquer so this was very helpful!


    1. I wasn't expecting much but I'm super impressed, their cosmetics side is really worth checking out, I can't wait to try other items.....when I allow myself to spend some money! xx