Wednesday 28 January 2015

What's in Samhain's Cat Hampurr? January 2015

I tried to neatly layout the contents but he was straight in there to lick his toy and hold onto his bag of catnip
This is slightly delayed, a week late to be exact, mainly as Samhain also received a Purrfectbox last week so I paced him, one last week and one this week. Samhain finally got to open his monthly Cat Hampurr this Sunday, it was very exciting for him, a little too exciting. I'm starting to wonder if wherever Samhain came from there were lots of other cats as one of his first reactions to something he really likes is to pee on it, something cats usually do if they're trying to make sure no other cat takes it, there are no other cats in this house so I'll put it down to him still needing to settle in a bit more. At least this time he responded to the nononono sound I made as he got into his crouching position to pee on it!

Frantically unwrapping the box

This week I'm also including a video, this was shot using my camera phone and was a bit of a last minute decision mainly as he looked so cute trying to unwrap the box! I also wanted to show his excitement over having a new toy and a new bag of catnip, I was also excited to use my new toy, my new smartphone!

So what did he get? it's all here.....

Before I go into the descriptions you should check out the video,...

Meowing Heads Dry Cat Food in Hey Good Looking 250g
It's always nice to get a complete cat biscuit for Samhain to try, we have a few that he likes but we aren't settled on what is best so new is always good. I'm pleased that Meowing Heads offer all natural, unadulterated nutritious food as there are so many products on the market that have either questionable ingredients or are full of filler. I also like to pick up food that has taurine in as that is essential to a cats well-being so it's nice to see the addition of this.

Thrive Freeze Dried Treats in Chicken 25g
Thrive are his favourite snacks, I use them when teaching him tricks or just when I need to lure him into another room, so I'm very happy to have another tube in stock. Thrive are 100% natural so what you get is 100% chicken, it's freeze dried making a crunchy and wholesome snack, no fillers here just one very pleased pussy.

Giving Freddie a good licking
BecoThings Freddie the Fish Plush Toy
This was the surprise favourite, I wouldn't have picked this for him myself but he loved it. I'm not sure whether it was the stuffing, the texture, the shape or possibly Samhain is very eco-friendly but he loved playing with this. It was easy for him to pick up but still rugged enough for him meaning it wasn't destroyed immediately, it really does feel solid and the vivid colour is really quite beautiful, you can see him playing with this toy in the video I've posted above. This has opened me up to the world of BecoThings, we already have a couple of bowls and that is what I associated them with, I didn't realise they did toys. I can't wait to explore what other products they have to offer.

Crunching down on the bag of nip
Cheshire & Wain Loose Organic Catnip 20g
He loves catnip, he really truly does, more than any other cat I've known. It just makes him happy, he loves to be rubbed with it as well as rubbing himself against it, he loves licking it and loves to eat it. The effect isn't quite mania with him just a series of blissful moments with him and his nip. This is a beautifully presented bag of nip which is perfect for Samhain. As I say nip just makes him happy, he doesn't even need direct contact so the bag is ideal for him to rub his head over and cuddle up to. The photo at the top of the page depicts him playing with his beloved Freddie the Fish whilst keeping his claws dug into his bag of nip.

Yarrah Organic Dry Food in Chicken 75g
I can't buy this brand locally but I've always been intrigued when I've spied it in the aisles of online shops, I've never picked it up but the cat always looks so happy. I tried adding this to Samhain's usual biscuit mix but he didn't seem to take to it, however on its own he gobbles it up so I'm not sure if I'm just upsetting the balance of his mix or if he prefers this as a one off snack type of biscuit. Still, not all cats like the same thing, the quality is there but it's just not quite up Samhain's street as a complete dry food biscuit. I'd still give the fish or the grain free version a go in future as Samhain's taste buds have changed since being with us.

Another exciting Cat Hampurr for Samhain! There are a few different subscription options, mine is the monthly Cat Hampurr which costs £11.95 + p&p, you can also subscribe to a bi-montly box which costs £6 a month plus p&p or if you have more than one cat or want a really big box you can get double helpings at £21.90 a month plus p&p. Further details can be found here


  1. He sure enjoyed a treat.Very nice post.

    1. Thank You! He really does love to be spoilt but he's totally worth it! xx