Saturday 17 January 2015

What's in my Birchbox? January 2015 - Women's Health Special

Magazine sold separately

Finally, my Birchbox has arrived, it has felt like I've been waiting forever this month and I'd completely forgotten all about the Women's Health/Birchbox collaboration. It only occurred to me after picking up Women's Health, I was reading it after I came home from work on Thursday, I was looking at all these fabulous products in the foreword and noticed that it was tied to Birchbox, it then struck me - fortunately my Birchbox had arrived that day so I tore it open, so what did I get?

It's all after the cut!

stila Lip Glaze in Glow 1.5ml (£15.00 for 2.4ml) 

I love stila lip glazes, I'm still working my way through a set I got years ago but this is a very welcome addition - most likely it will make its way straight into my handbag but I'll be sure to review it first. I was drooling over this product Women's Health wondering whether to break my beauty ban to buy a new lip glaze or two, I remained strong but only because a couple of minutes after I realised that this was something that might be in my BirchBox! I can only see this particular shade as part of the Putting on the Glitz set which appears to be sold out - hopefully they'll sell it individually in future.

Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner 20ml (£20.00 for 250ml)

I've been planning to pick up some Philip Kingsley products (will have to wait until I lift my beauty buying ban now) but I didn't quite know where to start so having a product to try out will give me a good idea on what will work for me. This conditioner aims to build volume on limp, thin and lifeless hair. My hair is thick but it's got no vavoom right now, I can't wait to try this.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum 10ml (£45.00 for 30ml)

Now I have my moisturisers sorted for the winter months but they don't quite pick my skin up. I've been pretty run down and tired recently and to be honest I look terrible, drab and grey, looks like I'm in need of a lift! This serum not only boosts radiance but also aims to even skin tone. It's a light product that also smells very fresh, just delightful!

HealGel Intensive 5ml (£37.50 for 30ml)

I've been marvelling at HealGel products recently - I really love the packaging, I shouldn't really go for a product solely on the packaging but sometimes it can't be helped - I am now looking forward to trying the actual product. I don't really go moisturiser mad, apart from in Winter, but I do have occasions when parts of my skin gets super dry, either after a bit of top lip depilatory or, for some reason, my elbows - every so often they become painfully dry! I'm actually going to try this product on my elbows which can go from being super soft to hard and sore overnight!

activbod Cooling Finish Lotion 20ml (£12.00 for 100ml)

I really don't know what to expect with this product which makes it even more exciting! I've never used a post-workout lotion, I do work-out (I'm building back up to my usual routine) but it has never crossed my mind, apart from the odd occasion where I need to use Ibuprofen gel. So what is the point of the lotion? Well in a way it would work like an ibuprofen gel, not completely but this menthol-packed lotion should help cool any sore areas. I actually can't wait to try this now!

Embrace Matcha Green Tea 1 serving (£24.99 for 30 servings)

I've just started drinking matcha green tea but this is useful to have. I love the TeaPigs product I have but I've only ever had theirs so it will be great to compare. With the product being powdered it means there are 10 times the antioxidants of drinking just 1 cup of green tea, mainly because the powdered version are generally the equivalent of 10+ cups!

Lifestyle Extra

This was the second item to get my heart racing whilst reading Women's Health - to some this might not be impressive but I buy and use resistance bands and they aren't cheap, I haven't already got a loop so this will be completely useful! and if they ever want to give more away they can send them to me!

Such a fantastic, healthy, invigorating, fitness inspiring start to the year - the box also includes a subscription offer for Women's Health which I think I may have to take them up on (I was planning to start subscribing anyway!).

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