Saturday 31 January 2015

ASOS Sale Haul January 2015

I'm not good at being good, although I am good at being bad. This was a slight shopping spree, I was treating myself, as I promised I would, to a few cosmetic items from Space NK and NARS, there was one item I wanted that was sold out through Nars but ASOS had it so I had to get it, I then had a little browse at items that I'd previously saved and were now on sale, so I bought myself a few bargains. I blame having the flu! I was rather impressed that next day delivery was possible, I ordered yesterday and they arrived today - this is thanks to DPD, normal post service hasn't been happening due to the snow but DPD managed it! 

So, what did I get? I'm afraid I've been in bed all day because of feeling so rotten, I did test my new shoes but that's about it so my photos focus on the patterns of the tops I bought rather than the shape, here we go. 

ASOS Pocket Square With Bad Cat Print £2.00

This is actually a pocket square, it's very Felix the Cat meets Ed Roth, I actually plan to get a frame for it at some point as I think it's too gorgeous to be shoved in a pocket with a little bit of the picture poking out so will be showing it a little more respect.

NARS Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Iraklion £18.50

The eye pencil that started it all, I'll review this properly at a later date. I'm not sure what this has to do with Crete but Iraklion is a gorgeous smoky rose quartz, I want to use this to create both dramatic looks and quick, light but eye-brightening looks for work. 

Glamorous Tall Space Dye Jumper £19.00

This melds two of my loves, the Glamorous tall range (that and ASOS tall are my go-to tall ranges, both have a fantastic variety and a perfect fit) and Space dye, I love anything space dye, there seems to be a lot of space dye patterned items around these day which pleases me. This is a very cosy polyester jumper with 3/4 length sleeves, This is going to be a perfect jumper for in-between winter and spring.

Only Long Sleeve Top £14.00

Another lifelong obsession of mine, stripes, now stripes are always everywhere but there are certain items of clothing that have to be just right for me. I was actually in the market for an evenly spaced, black and white striped long sleeve top with a scoop neckline so lucky for me this was on sale. I love that both the top and the sleeves are super long on me, below my hips and below my wrists, I'm 5'10" so I sometimes find clothing a little short on me. 

Vero Moda Tunic In Paisley Print £24.00

Another love of mine, paisley print. Now this item I picked up mainly to wear for work, it's fairly smart but with a casual fit. It's a light polyester material so perfect for spring/summer, the sleeves are just below the elbow - another thing making it perfect for work. Plus the colour is nice and bright but light, I hate wearing dark colours at work so this makes it even more perfect. 

ASOS Snap Silver Heels £19.00

I already have these in black but had always planned to pick up the silver pair as I've wanted a pair of silver heels for a while. I don't wear leather so when I find a pair of comfortable polyurethane shoes I always want to stock up on them. Not only that but these are heels that I can actually walk in which is a miracle. 

and one last shot of me modelling them in a pair of fetching Bugs Bunny socks! 

So that's it, I shouldn't have bought any new clothes, I'm supposed to be waiting for when I get to my ideal size but after this it will be nothing else for a while. I will however be posting my pre-birthday cosmetic treats that I've picked up from NARS, Space NK, Models Own, and, once they arrive. I should point out that I did also use money I'd saved from last month so not a complete blow out with this months pay, it's a good job February is a short month. 


  1. those metallic shoes are so pretty
    Happy Weekend

    1. Super comfy too, at least for the five minutes I've had them on, black pair are very comfy. Xx

  2. Totally love the striped sweater and the metallic shoes are so cute.

    1. They are pretty comfy too which makes a nice change! xx