Friday 23 January 2015

Post Beauty Buying Ban Cosmetic Wishlist 2015

I've had a super busy week, hence the lack of posts, so I've decided to round off the week with my favourite type of post, the imaginary shop, or, in other words, an insight into a tiny percentage of my wishlist.

Now I am on a self-imposed beauty buying ban which means, no make-up, nail polish, toiletries - a big fat no to buying anything new, pretty much the whole year - unless I manage to use up a ton of stuff up. I did always say that there were a few items I would pick up as a necessity (shampoo, nail polish remover, etc.) AND a few items that I really need (want) - Benefit they're real push up liner, for Example!

We haven't even left January and I'm already getting a bit restless. I really really want stuff! So in an attempt to tame the shopping beast I'm making this wishlist which could also be seen as the will be buying next list, some in the next couple of weeks (I'm treating myself to a few bits from Space NK as a pre-birthday treat) but I promise no more than that.....we'll see how long that will last*.

Cosmetics Wish List

This is a very hefty list, NARS is completely dominating it! Instead of listing in a logical left to right sequence I'll be grouping together by brand.

Starting with NARS, I'll start at the bottom and work myself up, NARS Nail Polish in Arabesque £15.00 a gorgeous pink sheer base with pink glitter in, what's not to love? Now I had to pick two lipsticks from NARS, the light shade to the left is NARS Audacious Lipstick Anita Antique Rose £24.00 and the stunning darker shade is NARS Audacious Lipstick Jeanne Cherry Red £24.00, but which to go for first? Green is my favourite colour and whether it suits me or not I don't care, so it was love at first sight with NARS Shimmer Eyeshadow in Night Porter £18.00, it's so dark, 70s and amazing, even though we're supposedly creeping up to spring I'm fully embracing my darker, winter side and have already ordered this. One last item from NARS, the very practical Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Pallet in Dione Metallic Champagne Beige £21.00, it's a perfect day to day, quick fix, eye brightening shade.

I'll move on to the items where I've only picked one item from a brand, again I'll start at the bottom and work my way up. Lord & Berry Creamy Concealer £12.00 - this is a totally retro pick, I haven't had a concealer stick in my handbag in a long time but it's time to change this as I certainly could do with one.
The first of two eyeliners on my list, Eyeko Me & My Shadow £15.00 is both a liner and an eyeshadow in one stick, something I'm hoping I can shove in my handbag to up-scale my make-up on certain occasions, post work drinks! I haven't decided which shade to go for but I'm swinging towards taupe.
I have to admit I don't care about the product, it's all about the packaging with this Anna Sui Lipstick in Brilliant Red £23,00 - nothing wrong in having such weak reasons every so often,
Last year I picked up a lipstick from the Illamasqua Glamore collection, Glissade - a shocking pink, which I loved and wore to death last summer so it's only right to pick up another shade, this time, Soaked £19.00, an amazing vibrant orange.

Finally I'll move on to the multiple Benefit items I've chosen. One item I mentioned at the time of my self-imposed ban, they're real push-up liner £19.00 is something I really want to try the full version of so that will be picked up soon. Next California Kissin' £15.00, a lip shine with a subtle blue tint which helps to make teeth look whiter, I really have to try this. The next item is something I've wanted to try for a while now, Fine-One-One Brightener £24.00, something my skin certainly needs. The last item is simply a top up, I'm just about to run out of Rockateur £24.00, I love it, I wear it daily, a refresh just has to be allowed.

So that's it, not that many items but a long winded explanation to why I must have them.

What beauty products will you be splurging on next?

*of course if I win the lottery there will be no ban, just a perfectly organised (by product type then colour) walk-in make-up wardrobe. 

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