Tuesday 20 January 2015

Sunday Weigh-In: Second of the New Year

I couldn't think of an interesting post title so I might just keep track on the weeks! Plus I'm two days behind with my update so I better keep it short and sweet.

I did okay last week, food wise I stuck to my plan 75% of the time so I'm hoping next week to up that to 85% of the time. I'm back to salad at work which is fine and I had been snacking in-between but I've decided to just up my calories at lunch as the salad on its own is only around 200 calories so now I have a yoghurt, hopefully some melon and on the occasion I'll add a bit of bean salad and some oat biscuits to take me closer towards 500. I've made a slight alteration with breakfast too, I don't have breakfast until I'm at work, time is so precious right now and although I believe you can have everything in moderation I'm cutting down slightly on my bread intake. So instead of two slices of toast I'll have one and a small banana.

Night time meal is still something I need to take stock of, we have a freezer full of bits that need to be used up but not everything gels well together so trying to put a meal together isn't always so straight forward or the healthiest, never that terrible but if I was buying ingredients daily for a meal it would just be easier. I'm still watching the portion size with my evening meal trying to make sure that it is a bit lower, especially on evenings where I don't work-out.

Speaking of my exercise routine, I managed to work-out last week, four days as I'd hoped I would, so I'll aim for the same this week, and the next. 4 days of week is plenty for now. Although I love my dvd's having the Wii to use is just quick, easy and fun. So I'm working hard to beat my high scores and also working on my balance which is very useful.

I've also found the Free Step option on the Wii Fit Plus a useful tool at the weekend. Last Saturday was the first weekend that I've been in and managed to easily beat 10,000 steps. I'm hoping to do even better this week but my steps weren't too bad.

Anyway, I better go and get on with my exercise, I'll leave you with my step count from last week. I'm going to leave my short/long term goals for this week as they haven't really changed. Although a good short term goal would be to see the graph on my wii bmi measurement steadily head down!

I should also point out another plus this week, I finally jumped forward with technology and bought myself a "smartphone" so I have access to a wealth of apps, mainly ones I already use but now I can utilise them better, for example FitBit, I wasn't able to take part in the challenges up until now!

Also, if you have Instagram or Twitter, consider adding me there, I'm planning to post photos of my fitness endeavours and high scores and my cat and the occasional cake. I go by ShrivelUp on Twitter (I'm a big fan of Devo) and sharonlynette on Instagram.


  1. Sounds like you doing great to me :) I need to dust off my wii fit too!

    1. Thanks Cheryl, I'm trying! Really enjoying using the Wii, wish I'd had access to one sooner! xx

  2. I've got a wii fit too but my son has taken over the wii and it is now in his room. Hope you have a successful week x Kirsty @ Hijacked By Twins #sundayweighin

    1. That's such a shame, although I'm sure your son loves it! I'm finding it really motivating. Thank You! xx