Sunday 11 January 2015

Sunday Weigh-In: First of the New Year

With a manic end of the year my fitness routine slipped, this couldn't be helped, family come first but I thought I should mention it. With new year I feel refreshed and ready to get back to it. Some over-indulgence over Christmas (plus eating on the go between hospital trips) has left me feeling rather dumpy so I'm very happy to be easing myself back into normal life.

Back to normal means more accurate measurement of the food I eat, everything in moderation I believe is the key so I will still have a bit of bread, pasta, potatoes, i.e. the evil "P" foods - no I don't really believe certain foods are evil you just have to be balanced.

With this post I'm not going to focus on the past but instead the future. This year I plan on big changes but with small steps. I'm not gatecrashing into the new year working out everyday only to let it slip, instead I'm building up to it. I have to admit I planned to do more this week with my workouts but I just haven't had the time as sadly my gran died at the end of December and I have been helping with sorting out (clearing) my grandparents out, not much, but in-between I've been working, James has been ill but when I was at work I made sure I got my steps up a bit more as they had been on the low side recently (especially those couple of days when my fitbit died and I couldn't find the charger!).

I do actually enjoy exercise so I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of it, I actually got my bright, positive trainers back on this Saturday for a quick spin. The new Sweaty Betty catalogue arrived today and that spurred me on as I've promised myself to splurge on items from them when I get to my ideal size (and I do really mean splurge!).

So there will be some slow positive steps to kick off the New Year. Logging food, weighing, interesting new meals and more exercise. I managed to do 50 minutes on Saturday and 50 minutes today. I actually went ahead and set up the Wii balance board and used Wii Fit Plus an although I was weighed I didn't look, instead I've set myself a goal which I have now forgotten, something like 21lbs in 3 months to start with. I'm going to focus on that and try and do Wii Fit Plus 4 times a week averaging 45 minutes each time, but no less than 20 minutes at a time, so then if on a Tuesday and Thursday I'm short of time and only do 20 minutes I need to 2 hours and 10 minutes in total at the weekend. Hopefully tracking how I'm doing on there and being able to see my progress with exercise AND it being a load of fun will help!

My steps this week:

I know I'm not where I was but I'm pretty pleased

Short Term Goals

  1. Exercise using Wii Fit Plus to a total of 3 hours or more a week. 
  2. Cut portion sizes slightly

Long Term Goals
  1. To get to a figure that I'm happy with and to go on holiday!

Anyway a nice gentle start to the New Year, I'm really hoping this year is a lot more positive full stop!

Anyway, is anyone else making changes to their health and fitness routine?


  1. Sounds like a great mindset to be in and I think not focusing on figures for your goals is probably a very good idea. Love your trainers - very funky :)

    1. They're super comfy too. I'm hoping that as long as the Wii fit plus keeps me in check I'll do fine, hopefully! xx

  2. thats a great thinking, not focusing on figures
    Keep in touch

    1. It's making me feel quite positive as my targets aren't the number on the scales but instead beating my previous score when I work-out, I'm a gamer so this really does motivate me! xx