Thursday 26 September 2013

Midweek Treats

The end is nigh, by this I mean the end of my time off work being ill. I'm on the mend and the final step is here, getting back to work. Although it will be a phased return meaning I will only do two days next week, I've been pushing myself this week to get my jelly ankles to set. So everyday I take a walk and although being outside in the lovely weather is nice enough, walking + shopping = Happy Sharon.

It was a brief shop, no charity shops or I would have been out for hours so I stuck to a few local shops in the smaller arcade but I did get some lovely treats! 

Wild Olive - Wax Melts (3 for £4.00 or £1.50 each, Oil Burner/Wax Melter £2.90 and Candle in box £6.95 )
I love candles and fresh, handmade ones are even better. I love Wild Olive, they offer really good value with really good quality. The candle in the beautiful glass jar (I already have a couple of these) makes a perfect gift as they come in a beautiful box. I couldn't decide which to go for but wanted something less Summery and more autumnal, Scotch Mist isn't quite that but it was so fresh smelling I couldn't resist it. I also finally got myself an oil burner/wax melter - which will be heavily used along with some wax to melt. 

Atticus Boo - Pretty Paper Owl Clip £5.00, Magnets 75p each
I'm a bird obsessive and especially love owls this owl clip will go on the bookshelf in the bedroom and so will the magnets, although I don't know if I'll stick them up or just prop them up.

Then as the plan for the walk on Friday is to feed the ducks, we stepped into the pet shop to pick up some wild bird feed, we'll mix this with a bit of bread but the seed is really good for the birds.

I've been meaning to get a feeder for a while so while in there we ended up with the feeder too!

We followed the lovely shopping trip with a frappé latte (I could drink cold coffee in 6ft of snow) then a trip round Waitrose to pick up a variety of flours and other bits for baking. I successfully walked around the shops for 90 minutes in slight heels - I really struggle to wear heels at all but I made it, even walking from home! Next week, charity shops!


  1. Looks like a great time shopping, love the scented candles!
    Do visit my blog soon and I would love for you to participate in my First International Giveaway from Ozel Lifestyle !

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    1. Nothing beats a bit of shopping! I keep meaning to register with the website, I will get it done this weekend x