Monday 2 September 2013

Matrix Total Results Sleek Silk Wonder Smoothing Oil

Matrix Total Results Sleek Silk Wonder Smoothing Oil

I received a couple of bottles of these in the post a couple of months back having won them in a competition. I hadn't heard much about this product, considering my Mum is a hairdresser, I'm amazingly lazy about my hair, I blame a lifetime of free haircuts. My hair is a bit of a mess which is why I keep it long, it is neither curly nor straight just randomly wavy, hard to manage and needs washing daily. Blow-drying on its own does nothing, straightening helps but it takes forever and I don't always want completely straight hair so the straighteners are mainly used on my fringe. Finding a product that would make my hair sleek without having to spend hours on should have been something I devoted my life to, of course hair care is a bit low on my list in general and even more so now so. These last few months my hair has been tied and clipped back but I've decided to take action, I want lovely silky hair.

Let us start with the part of the product which should be the lowest on the list of importance but usually ranks pretty highly with most of us and can make or break the sale, the smell. For some reason when I'm choosing a product the more I like the smell the more I believe it will work, just like the more horrid a cough syrup is the more effective you believe it be. Completely vapid I know but who cares? It smells lovely, tropical island lovely, it must be the shea butter. Well that is the most important thing dealt with, next stop, does it work? I'm not going to go over the top but it is a great product, I have quite greasy hair so the last thing I really want to do is put oil on it. I used the product after washing my hair but without using a conditioner, I ended up putting quite a healthy dose on my hair starting around ear level, after drying I was left with silky, smoother hair that didn't feel heavy with product nor greasy. My waves were not completely gone but looked more even and healthy. After sleeping on it I awoke to find my hair hadn't ballooned into a frizzy mess, it hasn't ended up greasy in the morning and was much better to deal with.

See how my arms are folded in the first photo, that shows how unhappy I was with my hair! 
A really fantastic product if you want natural looking and feeling, smooth hair. It manages to combine conditioning with a styling product. The one thing it has made me realise is that I seriously need a haircut.


  1. Fantastic results, I could do with some of that myself.

    1. It is really worth it, especially as you can get it for £8.49 via Amazon. The smell, I could just go on about the smell, it is so nice, tropical and clean.