Saturday 14 September 2013

Illamasqua Mystery Selection

Illamasqua Mystery Selection - in the UK exclusive to Debenhams £35.00 - contents worth £92.50 (10% off until Sunday 15th Spetember)

Yet again I'm putting the cart before the horse. This is another item I bought on my shopping trip, the shopping trip I'm yet to post about in full. As the offer in Debenhams runs out tomorrow I thought I should get this on here as soon as possible. I love Illamasqua, I love their make-up and I love them as a company, the two don't always go together, I don't have loads of their items so their Mystery Box really appealed to me. This product is exclusive to Debenhams although Sephora also offer a mystery box just not this one. There are two items you are guaranteed, the liquid metal in Electrum and liquid eyeliner precision ink in Glister, the other four items are full sized but a mystery - 2 nail varnishes and 2 power eyeshadows.

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good mystery nearly as much as I love a good box, putting them together is a dream come true. Like an adult kinder surprise (technically still a kinder surprise just devoured by an adult) or a lucky dip bag, I love the thrill of the unknown, plus I had already fallen in love with the liquid metal and was planning to buy it anyway. The liquid metal is usually £17.50 and the precision eyeliner is £18.00 so if you want them both and want those colours you might as well buy this, save 50p and get 4 items free so even if items are in the sale you're still a winner. This is comparing it to the full priced box, until the end of Sunday you can pick it up for a few quid cheaper.

Liquid Metal in Electrum
Liquid Eyeliner Precision Ink in Glister
Some mysteries are ultimately big disappointments, you can find with some companies if they offer a mystery box it is mainly to offload the least popular, least wearable shades but I have never seen any bad shade when it comes to Illamasqua so I knew I'd be happy with whatever I got. The mystery items are beyond perfect, I don't think I could have chosen better myself a mix of current and discontinued.

Powder Eyeshadow from L to R: Justify & Wicked
Nail Varnish from L to R: Strike & Velocity - only one coat applied here
Two very wearable eyeshadows, a pale pink (Wicked) and a light brown (Justify), both gorgeous soft shades. The two nail varnishes, a pastel purple (Velocity) and a metallic blue/green (strike) - I think Illamasqua have one of the best nail varnish collection around for colour and quality. I've always struggled with my nails, I'm clumsy at applying and always chipping them so to have a nail varnish go on easily and be strong after one coat always appeals.

All in all a fabulous deal for hardened Illamasqua fans and newbies alike. 

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