Sunday 15 September 2013

The Very Sad Tale of My Underused Fitness Wear

As mentioned in this post I now have a dedicated drawer for my fitness wear. Just like all neglected clothing it is sitting in the bottom drawer but at least it isn't sharing space with other neglected clothing, this is my one and only dedicated fitness wear drawer.

It has everything from sports bras to my heart rate monitor. For me it is worse than staring at a dress I can't quite fit in any longer. I love to exercise, I lost a lot of weight last year and wish to continue losing until I get to my ideal, healthy weight. I didn't know what exercise I'd love, growing up I spent most days swimming but after a perforated ear drum I went less and less but still love it. So last year I tried new things out. I was recovering from an embolisation to kill a benign tumour in my kidney, it was painful but I had to get moving. I started with chairobics on Fitness TV recorded on my Sky Box and progressed from there. I recorded a load of shows which were really handy for finding things I liked to do without paying. I found more and more things I loved. Yoga (I'd tried before wasn't doing it regularly), pilates, circuit training, weight lifting and by the end of the year I had started jogging/running.

Unfortunately I started to become ill again, I was in a lot of pain and could barely move, fitness went out of the window, I kept my calories at maintenance as cutting essential calories when ill is silly. I haven't weighed in yet but I know I haven't gained anything and after years of eating problems, namely starving myself in my early twenties, being normal again and stabilised is the best thing.

I just don't get around much at all at the moment, this is why there are a number of items in my drawer that have obviously not been used.

My reflective vest has yet to be unpacked, the wrist wallet for my key hasn't been used, there are pants I stocked up on that still have labels in. This makes me very sad, I know you can lose that urge to do exercise but I haven't. I even bought a mini bike to use from my bed! Last year I even bought sweatbands which I had believed to be a pointless accessory until I had to struggle with burning sweat in my eyes as I was running, these have yet to be sweated in.

I'm determined though, I'm excited about getting back to being fit. I'm taking it slowly and fortunately chairobics is still being screened so I'll start with that along with my mini bike and light weights for stretching.

As you can see I am preparing myself heavily. Every fitness show I liked the look of has been recorded, I can't do them yet but I can watch and work out which I'll like. I always loved the Elise Lindsay workouts. Now you might have noticed that this is recorded on my TV in the so-called cramped living room, I do actually workout upstairs so I can never do much jumping so anything high impact is downstairs on solid ground.

Everything at the moment is gradual, who doesn't love a quick fix? But inevitably this doesn't work in the long run. Small changes, eat a little less and move a little more is all that is needed. I'm not after losing 10lbs a week, most people can't unless they are heavily overweight, a 1lb a week loss would be lovely but I would even settle for a 1lb a month. I've been inspired by 7hippopotamus and her Christmas Slimming Club - lose a stone by Christmas, to actually start and look to losing weight rather than just maintaining. She is gracefully allowing me to join when I'm ready as being stuck in bed for so long I worry that I'm not as up to things as I once was, at least yet, I will be back to normal at some point, then next step, boxercise!


  1. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  2. Woah you have TONS of fitness gear! I think just having some would force me to exercise!


    1. I'm an expert at finding an excuse to shop! I think I had basic stuff and just ended up finding more things I needed.

  3. Wow you have got loads of cool gear there. I'm the same always wanting a quick fix and to wake up a stone lighter. But I agree, that just doesn't work, slow and steady wins the race, which is why I've set myself a more relaxed goal this time.

    Good luck getting fit again and getting onto the mini bike. I think you're very brave, just looking at all those fitness TV shows you've taped is making me feel tired. Take it slowly and keep me posted on how you're getting on. Thanks for linking up to my blog xx

    1. I'll never go back to faddy eating again, It is so much more easier to be sensible about it all. I feel that without my sensible way of doing things last year I would have ballooned up whilst I've been stuck in bed.

      I'll be getting back on the horse, so to speak, and joining your slimming club as soon as I'm back to normal although work will have to come first this time around. I plan to eat around as many calories and just add fitness, if anything I might eat a little more, Christmas is ages away!

      You're welcome, it really did inspire me! xx