Tuesday 17 September 2013

Hello GTA V, Goodbye Outside World (not that I've been living in it recently)

I never thought this day would arrive. After the devastating delay with GTA IV I try to avoid thinking about it. I don't read any (many) rumours, I try to shut everything out until the game gets to me and now it finally is here after pre-ordering on the 3rd January. GTA V is in my hands and in a few moments it will be in my 360. I will remain sat on my bed playing until that blasted afternoon dentist appointment! This is the only game series I get truly excited about.

This day will be dedicated to gaming, It may also take up most of this week although I am a little different than some gamers, I'm not in it to get it over with as quick as possible, I want to work through it slowly, stop to look around. I love to explore which is why I love the GTA series. Even though I will be spending a lot of time playing it I will really be taking my time to take it all in. I hope plenty of others will be doing the same.


  1. Hehe have fun with this! Half of my friends have barricaded themselves inside their houses and vowed not to come out until they finish the game!


    1. Thank You! I'm taking a break, pacing myself but it is blooming amazing!!