Wednesday 11 September 2013

Living Room Makeover Part Two: No More Bags of Underwear

I have had chest of drawers in the past. The last time I remember having one I could actually use I think my Mum was still buying my clothes for me. They were overstuffed with floral knee-high socks my Mum purchased for me, they were in the sale at Marks and Spencer incredibly cheap and horrendous, I think I had around twenty pairs. I have had chest of drawers since, the first one was cheap, if I opened the drawer the front would come off, I felt like the Hulk (Incredible or Hogan). It ended up being a dumping ground for clothes I didn't wear that often so not that much use. After moving back in with my parents I was also given a free good quality chest of drawers which is used but I've had to put it tucked away so I have to dig everything out to get to it - still useful for fancy dress and heavy jumpers. Now I hadn't thought much about it whilst planning the bedroom makeover but whilst browsing the Ikea site I fell in love.

The MALM chest of drawers in grey-turquoise (£45), so practical, so big! I did the usual thing of measuring up, realising it would be a bit of a tight fit then deciding not to care, I had to have it. It is perfect. Not too high, I can use the top to put all my Glossyboxes which are full of products, Jewellery box, lamp and a few trays, without it looking cluttered. Yet the drawers are big enough to fit everything in. I could have never imagined one drawer would contain all my underwear, I'm so happy I could cry.

I now have the top drawer for my underwear:

the middle for my nightwear:

and the bottom drawer for my sad, neglected fitness wear, that's another story I will go into later:

Having everything fit in actually makes me want to be tidier and more compact. If my any of the drawers get too full then I will have to get rid of some items, not look for more storage. This is a very weird sensation that I've never experienced before, getting rid of clothes without waiting three years to make sure I don't want them? How strange! For the underwear drawer I also picked up SKUBB box set - 6 drawer organisers perfect size for this chest of drawers.

As mentioned before, I use the top as a dressing table overspill, not that I have a dressing table yet but in the next few years, home permitting, I hope to have a 60's/70's teak dressing table. My dream buy. I try not to browse for the furniture I can't have at the moment as I know I'll end up disappointed when someone else snaps it up.

Even for people like myself that are ultimately messy, organising your underwear drawer has had a strange effect. I know I don't have the room for any other storage solutions but the more things that get neatly put away the better I feel.


  1. That chest of drawers is lovely, such a nice colour. I badly need to tidy mine up, I could do with a divider like you have in the top drawer.

    1. So cheap as well both the dividers and C.O.D., I wasn't sure how much stuff I would actually fit in them, I have an awful lot of underwear but they are the Mary Poppins bag of drawer dividers and everything fits!

  2. Hey, I nominated you for the Liebster award, you can see it here: :) you have an awesome blog! x