Sunday 8 September 2013

Sleek MakeUp i Divine - Showstopper

Sleek MakeUp i Divine - Showstopper

This year I have paid more attention to updating my make-up accordingly, not just sticking to shades I like but also thinking about the seasons. As we move into the colder weather I wanted to update my eyeshadow collection on the cheap. Whilst browsing the Sleek MakeUp site I was impressed with their i Divine eyeshadow sets, at £7.99 for 12 different shades it would have been ridiculous not to try one of them out.

I only bought the one set, Showstopper, with the aim of being my Autumn/Winter set, I will eventually go back and order some of their natural sets as they also look quite impressive. I've wanted the Urban Decay Naked palettes but they aren't the cheapest and after being impressed by the W7 Naked Nudes Eyeshadow palette I haven't seen the point in saving my pennies just yet so think will go for a Sleek set next.

I think the colours are more true to life in the reflection. 
The Showstopper set is a gorgeous collection of 12 super-pigmented shades, everything you would need for darker, dramatic styles. I've yet to work out what my looks will be this Autumn but I'll be using this set and hopefully posting about them, with photos, of course! I used the eyeshadow applicator that comes with it but it was easier to get the look I wanted with my own brushes. The colour is strong so a little bit goes a long way. There was no irritation and the eyeshadow lasted the evening. These sets are perfect for the money, good quality, I think they are kind of youthful but I don't really think it matters what age you are.

Now as I mentioned I haven't really worked out what I will do with them, I've just tried the eyeshadow out for ease of application and longevity. Once I've tried them out properly I will do a further post but for now here are the different shades on my arm.

The shades correspond to how they are in the actual palette. As you can just about see #1 Paraguaya is super light.


  1. If you're itching for the UD naked palettes have you looked in to the MUA undressed and undress me too palettes?

    I don't have the UD palettes but soo many people claim that they're dupes.

    That sleek palette is lovely. I have a few sleek pieces but no palettes yet, I've ummed and ahhed over lots of them but the firstone that's shouted 'Buy Me' is the vintage romance one, I just wish I knew exactly when it's out other than just Sept... arg hate being kept in suspense !

    1. I'm going to have to give the MUA ones a go, I've only got a few bits from MUA usually stuff my Mum puts in my stocking at Christmas! At £4 I think I can just about afford that! Gorgeous shades, I think I like the Undressed me too slightly better. The vintage romance is such a pretty collection, I've only really just started to use Sleek and I really can't wait to get more.