Sunday 29 September 2013

Halloween Themed Nails #2 - Pumpkin Nails

Halloween will be upon us and over in no time, I've already done one Halloween look, the Bloodied Talon, but I wanted to have a play around and find something else. This time I did another easy style - somewhat sloppy too - I took the photos straight after doing my nails before tidying up as it was just an experiment. This time I've gone for something more cartoonish and have done Pumpkin nails.

Really simple especially if you're good at doodling on awkward surfaces (I'm not). All I've done is put a couple of coats of orange nail varnish on my nails, I couldn't find the right orange so I've used Ciaté The Glossip and changed the contrast in editing so it looks a bit more orangey for the purposes of demonstrating the look. Once that is just about dry I've used a Barry M nail art pen in black to draw on faces and one black cat to create the effect of a carved pumpkin face. If you wish to have more of a pumpkin look you can try putting a couple of lines down to create roundness along with a bit of green on top to look like the foliage.

Excuse the scruff!

Really easy to do even if you're a bit rubbish like me when it comes to doodles.


  1. Halloween is so close <3 very funny your nails!

    Kiss, Nati

  2. Love these, will definitely have to try this, but my shakey hands probably aren't up to it, haha! :)