Wednesday 4 September 2013

Sleek MakeUp - True Colour Lipstick - Sheen - Candy Cane

Sleek MakeUp True Colour Lipstick Sheen in Candy Cane £4.99

This lipstick I received in a glossybox, or so I believe, all I can remember is that it was free with something. I'd put it to one side to try and had promptly forgotten about it. After I came across it during the almost insurmountable tidy up of August 2013 I decided it was time give it a go, especially with it being yet another pink lipstick in my collection.

The packaging is standard, I don't usually talk about packaging the reason for this is the packaging rarely makes the product, the only time this matters is when there happens to be a brush attached. I do go gooey at pretty patterns and cute images but when money is tight the quality of the product is much more important.

This is a shocking lippy, I mean shocking in a good way, the colour is bang on bright, perfect for making an impact. The one thing that I found a bit gross at first was how thick the lippy goes on and feels, it feels like I have a layer of lemon curd on my lips just without the yummy tastes. It settles down after a few minutes of smacking your lips together but you are still left with plenty of colour. I did find it a bit slimy, I had to watch my lip line but it was easy to correct. I think I could just about even my top lip up, one side is wonky as I swear I used to have a mole above that lip that has gone missing. It is certainly a decent lipstick for the price, I've had to order myself another one in a more Winter-esque colour from their extensive, affordable range.

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