Saturday 21 September 2013

My Uncharacteristically Short Perfume Wishlist Autumn/Winter 2013*

Perfumes are like buses, you wait for one to come along for ages and then several come along at once. At least that is how I feel about perfumes. Throughout the years I have struggled to find a perfume I loved, in my teens I wore Coty Wild Musk (in a way I still love it) and Givenchy's Fleur d'Interdet, even after a chance encounter with a beautifully dressed French lady in a shop who scoffed at the idea of a young teen wearing a perfume called Forbidden Flower, I was 13 and I didn't really get the connotation. Then I lost it, Well I mean I couldn't find a single perfume I wanted to smell of, nothing worked, nothing excited my senses and as long as I smelt clean I didn't mind that much. I spent most of my twenties owning only a single perfume Moschino Cheap & Chic which delightfully is a mature smell for young girls. I searched high and low but nothing excited my nostrils, every tester I tried, any sample in a magazine was smelled over and over, until I threw the magazine away but found nothing I liked.

Eventually, for me, great perfumes started to trickle in, Flight of Fancy by Anna Sui became my first perfect daytime perfume followed by Miss Dior Cherie another perfume I felt like I truly liked.  Then, in around 2008 I hit the mother-load. Enter Modern Chypre by Esteban, this perfume was rich and exciting and to me it was the perfect scent, the first perfume I wanted others to know as my scent. Unfortunately and typically I now have a hard time buying it in the U.K., this doesn't upset me as much as it should as there are so many great perfumes on the market. I don't know why I hadn't tried any of the Thierry Mugler perfumes before, there isn't one I don't like. There seems to be a new perfume each year that I love, earlier this year I received the Elie Saab perfume for my birthday and I can't get enough of it.

Choosing the right perfume is just like choosing the right wine, you wouldn't just drink anything, you have to find the right type of wine not only for yourself but for the occasion and/or time of year. I've worked hard to develop my wine palate, It's the same with perfume. You have to find your signature scents, and I mean scents plural, different times of the day effects my mood so far as to how I want to smell, some perfumes I love in summer don't work for me in winter.

At the moment my shelf is overflowing but I want more. I'm hoping there will be a way to justify buying five other new perfumes this year, although my finances would need to improve, luckily, for me, five isn't that much of a long list. None of these scents are what I would usually go for in Autumn/Winter. I tend to choose musky, deeper, darker scents. Perhaps my year indoors has altered my perception of the seasons.
My lust haves at the moment are:

1. Marc Jacobs - Honey - a golden elixir of a perfume with a smell that takes me away from it all to somewhere more tranquil and relaxing. Fresh but spicy, certainly the most youthful of the bunch.

2. Kenzo - Flower in the Air - a powerful, fresh, clean, floral scent with zingy overtones, not quite like anything I've had in the past.

3 Jo Malone - Peony & Blush Suede - Possibly the least autumnal but my favourite of the 5, just. Fruity, floral, with a hint of sap rising in the spring. Incredibly indulgent and I would consider this more of a signature scent rather than an occasion scent.

4. Yves Rocher - So Elixir Purple - I've had a sample of this for a while. Sometimes you like the smell but can't see yourself wearing it, a few months down the line the seasons change, how you feel changes and suddenly you find yourself wearing the perfume to bed. I need a full sized bottle. I consider this the most wintry but not because of the scent I just can see myself wearing this as parties, definitely a night-time, when darkness falls scent.

5. Elizabeth Arden - Untold - Having tried it in the September Glossybox I fell in love. A warm, floral, light musk scent. It is rather a grown up scent, which might help me act like a grown up. Another one I would consider as a signature scent.

* A little disclaimer, when I started this post I had three perfumes in mind - it then grew out of control. I need help.


  1. Honey looks so good, I'll like to buy it.

    Kiss, Nati

    1. It's really sweet but warm, just lush, I think that might be the first one I check off the list!

  2. I'd love to have a sniff of those.. Especially Honey, it seems perfect for my taste! Not to mention how much I adore the bottle. Lovely post once again :-)


    1. It's a lovely scent and really rather reasonable in price, I'd highly recommend it. xx