Sunday 8 September 2013

For the Love of Longer Ladies Loving Pyjamas

I could be called a nightwear expert due to what is scarily approaching a year I have lived in nearly nothing but nightwear. During the summer months I have been very happy in my slightly longer length nighties courtesy of Mr Marks and Mr Spencer. These aren't particularly for tall ladies, I'm not sure where they are supposed to sit but the main thing for me is that my bottom is covered by quite a bit of material. I'm 5'10", in this day and age I'm not the tallest of tall but possibly all those increasingly taller youngsters don't care about the length of their nightwear but I do! Not about the length of their nightwear just my own, I thought I should clear that up.

Summer has been particularly hot so the Marks and Spencer nighties have been lived in, I have three on rotation, mixed with the comfort of crop tops this summer has been dealt with in a comfortable but also ladylike manner. I had shoved to the back of my mind the issues of winter, it should be easier to just layer up but it isn't that easy if lack of inches bothers you and it certainly bothers me. Look at this:

Everything looks okay here, Bagpuss isn't noticing a single problem. But then:

Now quite short shorts but incredibly irritating
Shocking I know! My dream pyjamas, striped, old fashioned but not as constricting, the material is so nice and stretchy, I can't sleep if things feel too stiff. The legs though, the legs are way too short for me. I could let them out, which I will do eventually (my sewing skills are basic, I'm okay using thread it is to make pretty pictures not mending clothing.) I rarely find pyjama sets I love and I have fallen in love with this set but it don't love me. I'd say other than the length of the legs they fit fine, but that would be a bit of a lie as the sleeves are short too, this doesn't bother me, I like my arms to be cold. I also like to wear the shirt open (with something underneath!) so rolling up the arms seems natural.

Arms are short but not as much of an issue

The shirt fits comfortably across my chest without being too baggy which is a rarity, it really does upset me that this set is so close to being perfect but just misses out. It even has pockets in the trousers, I love a good pocket, when I walk around in them I put my hands in my pockets so that I can pull the trouser down a bit lower - this is only a short term solution, it isn't problem solved.

This is a pretty constant problem, I buy big and wear baggy but I've always liked the comfort of high waistbands. I want a nice fitted pair but I want my ankles to be warm too. I have so many items of nightwear but I do not own the perfect set of pyjamas.When wearing these ones in bed I'll wake up in a panic as the leg has worked its way over my knee, very distressing. They aren't even just a little bit short but I need another 6 inches!

The only solution I have so far is to wear leggings in bed but I'm missing the elegance of a well tailored (but stretchy) set of pyjamas. For now I feel like I'm living in a world where comfortable pyjamas will always fall short for me. I see bottoms but the full on sets are never quite right, I'm remarkably precious about what my pyjamas look like also. So now do I go for style or length? One day I'll get the perfect match.


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