Tuesday 10 September 2013

What's in my GLOSSYBOX September 2013 - the London Edition

Huzzah! Glossybox time! This month we have another full on themed box, the London edition, focussing on London Fashion Week, taking a look at Autumn trends in the handy, glossy magazine - products are not quite themed to London. I also received three full size items, always a good thing! I like the box, I keep my boxes to use for storing all my little bits and bobs, the pink ones are labelled but the themed ones always make a nice change and I try to fill them accordingly. The Seaside Splash one is full of goodies to take on holiday, the beautifully pretty Pearl Lowe one has all my special effects nail varnish, the Brit one I'll fill full of chips and gravy - it really is the perfect size and the high sides will make sure I lose no gravy!

Okay, I'll think of what I'll put in it later, I've decided it might get a little soggy so I'll think of something.

Eyelure - Pre-glued Lashes Full Size (Full Size: £5.06)

My knowledge of eyelashes is limited, I believe the ones I've linked to are the same as the ones I've received or at least near enough. Like I said, my knowledge is limited, I've stockpiled some for cold winters - cold, mascara freezing winters, not likely but at the moment that would be the only reason I would need them/ I'm happy to have them, Eyelure have been around since the 40's, they know what they are doing. These lashes are simple, lightweight, contact lens friendly and reusable, what more could you need?

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics - Onyx Eye Liner Full Size (Full Size: $14 for 3g)

A relatively new company, they started in 2011, I don't know anything them about them really. Having an eyeliner pen is always handy, this one is a thick pen not unlike the Barry M Wink one. They don't actually ship outside of the United States so either a visit over there or a pen pal would need to ship this to you.

Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe - Classic Shine & Gloss Serum 30ml (Full Size: £7.19 for 30ml)

At first I thought it was another travel size hairspray, I was incredibly impressed when I realised it was a full sized serum. Even though I've gravitated to using oils on my hair like the Matrix Smoothing Oil a serum is always welcome to tackle my infuriating hair.

Dr Lipp - Original Nipple Balm for Lips 3ml (Full Size: £11.50 for 15ml)

The best solution for sore, dry, cracked lips OR nipples. Perfect for smoothing and soothing, it is an incredibly thick gloop, looks like super glue not winning any beauty contest but it really works and that should be the main thing, the nice tasting ones can be used in-between.

Elizabeth Arden - Untold 5ml (Full Size: £48 for 50ml, £69 for 100ml)

A generous sized perfume - I always think you need to be able to wear a perfume a few times to decide whether it is for you, once doesn't cut it - you could get around 10 wears out of this sample, possibly more. To smell it in the bottle I would have turned it down, said it wasn't me, it smells quite girlie, sweet and cold. Wearing it is a different story, still feminine and floral but with more warmth, spice and musk to it. Another one to add to my ever growing list.

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