Thursday 12 September 2013

A Win, Win, Win, Win, Win Kind of Day!

I've had such a fantastic day today, the best in a long time, sure I feel sick with pain but it is completely worth it. I started writing a long spiel but my energy levels are low so I'm breaking it down to bullet points and photographs.

  • I should be able to go back to work soon, phased return starting with 1 day a week at the end of my current medical certificate. I had to go to an occupational health appointment today to sort this out which brings us neatly to my next amazing bullet point.
  • The occupational health place is behind a huge shopping centre and my Mum lent me some money to shop, my partner also gave me some spending money which pretty much went in five minutes at the Illamasqua counter! Always worth it though. I am truly shopped out, see below, I will get more in to my shopping in another post when I can function a bit better.

  • I have a bag full of soft pretzels and a belly full of gelato. I adore soft pretzels, soft warm delicious pretzels and well they aren't that common over here and recently I haven't been up to kneading. The ones from Mr Pretzel are amazing, I always get one cinnamon and sugar plus a salted to share with James. They are much better quality than the supermarket ones - they last a few days and reheat nicely. For me they trump doughnuts any day.

  • I took my 3DS out and finally came across many others carrying theirs so I can make use of the Mii plaza, I also have homes in the Happy Home Academy in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, finally!
  • Oh and I have new eyebrows, the girl at the Illamasqua counter did them for me and I couldn't believe how good they looked. I also realised that 18 year old girls these days are much better at applying my make-up than I was, I'm not just talking about the girls on the make-up counter. 


  1. Ahhh so much shopping ; 3 ; it looks like you had an amazing time doing that ;3
    And I've never seen a Mr Pretzel down here in London... I love soft pretzels too and just need the lazy bone gene to get out of me to make some!

    1. It was fantastic, I haven't had a spree in a while, definitely prefer it to spending just a little bit each week. The best thing is I'm yet to unpack it all, I've tried to forget everything I bought so it will be like shopping all over again! I'm going to unpack today and take photos so I'll be posting everything I bought.
      Mr Pretzel is the best - the pretzels last for days so I bulk buy and reheat for breakfast :p I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to make them as good as these but I keep meaning to try, if I find an easy quick way to make them I'll make sure to post it! I think there might be a few kiosks in the London area but of course that doesn't mean there will be close to you, they are worth a special trip!