Sunday 22 September 2013

Autumn/Winter 2013 Make Up Look 3: Black Eyeliner & Nude Lips

This really isn't a new look for me, I've pedalled the winged eyes for over ten years, it is my go to evening look, I love it. When I was younger there was only ever one pot of perfect eyeliner I was able to use easily to create the look, that eyeliner was Benefit babe-cake in Sophia. I could use this to make the perfect line with barely any effort. It was a powder to wet eyeliner whereas normal liquid eyeliners I found to be a nightmare. Luckily we've come along way since, especially lucky as Benefit don't make this perfect eyeliner any more, I really do mean perfect.

As I've mentioned the eyeliner was my go to look which I would always pair with red lips, so this is a slight update by wearing nude lips instead. It is such a nice simple, quick look. The only thing that takes time is the eyeliner, some people are naturally gifted at this, I myself am not.

As usual I've done my normal foundation then topped my cheeks with Benefit Dandelion (#1), I then added MAC Dazzlelight (#2) all over my lid. Now to the tricky part, here I used Barry M Wink Eyeliner (#3) which is really nice to hold and easy to use. I usually start by sorting out the winged ends first to get them even and then do a thin line along my upper lash line - I find it easier to start thin and get thicker to make sure both sides are even. Next I line my lower lash line, instead of liquid I prefer to use a pencil, here I used Badgal Waterproof liner (#4) and instead of using a smudger I used the same brush used to apply the MAC Dazzlelight and smudged it so barely any trace of a solid line was left. I then went to my favourite mascara of the moment the Soap & Glory Thick and Fast HD (#5) for a couple of coats.

Close up on the eye, fantastic to the right, wobbly to the left
To finish it off I went with nude lips, again going with the MAC Cremesheen Creme D'Nude (#6) and topping with gloss, I used a heavy dose of Summer Sweetheart (#7) from the MAC Archie's Girls collection. It's amazing how the colour of your lipstick can change your whole look, with the nude lipstick it's rather natural, daytime but add a slab of red lipstick and it really is a full on night time look.

Same look but wearing Models Own Lip-Stix in Ravishing Red

So again not a completely new look for me but one look I know I'll continue to use for decades to come.