Friday 27 September 2013

When One Job Finishes Start another, Then another and Possibly Another One

This week should be my last before starting my phased return to work. It should be a time to build up my strength, get used to a normal day but also to relax a little. So far this week has felt hectic, doctors yesterday, several forms to fill in today, visit to the post office, visit to the post box all with my silly jelly ankles - I hadn't realised how much being bed-bound had effected my ability to walk. So the last think I should be doing is starting another random job but it has been something that has been on my mind for the last couple of years. Organising my CDs!

Around a third of the CDs dumped on the bed ready for organisation

I have a pretty substantial record collection and CDs had always been on the sideline, I then starting picking up CD copies of albums I had on vinyl, then something new would come out and I'd have to get that plus I can't resist a good compilation CD. It soon gets very out of hand and for someone that alphabetises their DVDs and Blu-Ray's my CD collection looks like I put everything on the shelves with my eyes closed. It really was time to get it done with and I'm pleased to say my CDs are now organised.

I didn't want to just put them all alphabetical, instead I have separated styles of music, compilations and also grouped artists together where I own a ton of their stuff. I now have 14 categorised boxes from Jazz, 80's/90's alternative and one I've called 'teenage nostalgia'. Not only that but I've filled the two boxes on my new bookcase in the bedroom that have had the label 'Sunday Music' on them since that bookcase went up. Sunday Music is a bit of a random collection, it isn't Sunday music because it happens to be relaxing, ambient, downbeat but the concoction of CDs contained in these boxes are artists and compilations guaranteed to cheers me up, from Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds From Her To Eternity to A Date with John Waters. I've been pretty lackadaisical when it comes to listening to music recently, sure I listen to the radio but I don't make enough effort to listen to albums like I used to. In a way I've rediscovered some albums I haven't listened to in years, The Unicorns Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? was rediscovered and listened to whilst sorting everything out, Interpol Turn on The Bright Lights which was heavily played when first out has sat around for years without a listen. The stuff in my teenage nostalgia box will be played whilst shut in my room feeling sorry for myself to really recreate the full teenage effect, I'll even be painting my nails and cussing when I smudge them straight away. Don't even get me started on the compilations I have a nice selection, Covers for Reggae Lovers and 80's Italian Pop will be played at full volume this weekend.

Fresh piles of organised CDs all ready for shelving and boxing

Sometimes rediscovering stuff you already own is just as good as finding something new, y'know? 

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