Monday 9 September 2013

Am I the Only One With the Inability to Remove Make-Up?

Granted I'm not good at routines. In my twenties I led a hedonistic lifestyle, by this I just mean I didn't remove my make-up before bed, well at least most nights. I dealt with it in the morning, even then only in the shower, I never made much of an effort unless a spare wipe was around. Now I remove it habitually, I try to keep a full skincare routine for fear that my luck is running out and wrinkles are just days away. I'm not as successful with doing it all but I always remove my make-up, I can't sleep if I don't.

So I don't get why I'm being punished. Each night I remove make-up I then usually cleanse, tone & serumise (I know that isn't a word but I wanted to represent my use of serum.) I'm more likely to remember to do the whole set if I've been wearing make-up in the morning I cleanse, tone & moisturise. I don't apply make-up if I don't feel like it but when I do I take it off. I promise I do!

I just don't get it. I've been monitoring myself, making sure I definitely remove everything, I really do, I can't get away from it as I do three steps that would remove make-up. Yet I still wake up with black smudged around my eyes, what is going on? Is this make-up leftover from my twenties? Am I missing some new, improved make-up remover? I just don't know.

This is what happens when I do my whole routine with a lotion style make-up remover:

Before removing make-up, pensive, possibly doesn't look like much but full on lash work and eyeliner

All scrubbed up, red raw, the normal photos were all quite blurry typically the one on the right was the clearest
Sceptical in the morning. I can't believe my eyes, it looks like I have more eyeliner on that when I removed it before bed!
I actually used a tissue to wipe off any excess before I started with the make-up remover so that I was smudging as little around my eyes as possible. My eyes were sore by the time I'd finished and there wasn't even that much on to begin with. I can't work out whether all the scrubbing is worse than waking up with make-up around my eyes - my main concern there is that it is bad for my skin.

Is everyone else able to remove every last scrap of make-up? am I the only useless one?

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